What's The Best Eyelash Glue For Classic Lashes? Your Go-To Guide

Navigating the world of eyelash extension adhesives can be quite a challenge. Are you wondering which adhesive is ideal for those just starting out in the lash game? Or which one reigns supreme for classic lashes? While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, we're here to shed some light on the subject!

First things first, a pro tip:It's okay to use multiple types of glue to meet your specific needs! Given the vast array of glues available, it's unlikely that just one will meet all your needs. You might need one adhesive for classic sets, another for volume lashes, and even different ones for those scorching summer days or the chilly winter ones. Being prepared with the right lash adhesive for each situation can save you a lot of stress. Now, let's dive into finding the best adhesive for classic lashes!

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Beginners: The Best Eyelash Glue For Classic Lashes

Starting your lash journey? It's totally normal, and even recommended, to take things slow initially. The health of your clients' lashes, and their satisfaction of your work, should always be a priority. If you rush and use an adhesive that dries too quickly, you are risking poor lash retention or misaligned extensions. In essence, you could jeopardize your budding reputation before it even takes off!

For those in the early stages of lashing, a slower-drying adhesive can be a lifesaver. It allows you to take your time and master your technique, ensuring top-notch lash attachment and longevity. For this phase, we’d recommend the Satin Bond. With a 2-second drying time, it provides ample opportunity to adjust and perfect each lash placement. So, if you’re using this lash glue and your pretreatment routine is on point, your clients will enjoy long-lasting results!

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Starting Out But Need A Quicker-Drying Adhesive?

No worries! As mentioned, there's no universal solution. While some may begin with the Satin Bond, taking time to perfect their technique, others might be quick learners. What not take a practical approach? Time yourself while applying an individual lash extension to gauge the drying time you need. Also, remember to factor in your room's temperature and humidity, as these can significantly influence adhesive performance. For a deeper dive into this topic, check out our other blog post!

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Seasoned Pro: The Best Adhesive For Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are timeless – they're elegant, relatively low-maintenance, and offer a touch of affordable luxury; they’re also one of the most affordable lash treatments available. As such, even as experienced lash techs, you'll probably be applying classic eyelash extensions for years to come. So, how do we pick the perfect adhesive as our skills evolve and our placement gets faster?

The criteria remain the same: consider your room's climate and your application speed. For those with a bit more experience, you will find that you're quicker with classic lashes than volume fans. In that case, consider the Flexie with its swift 1-second drying time. If you’re working at a quicker pace, the Royal Bond, which dries in a mere 0.5 seconds, might be your match!

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Ultimately, the question of 'Which lash adhesive is right for me?' is a frequent one in the lash industry. The answer? It truly depends on your unique lashing needs and your environment!