Fall in Love With Autumnal Lashes with FREE Lash Maps 🍂

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, now’s the perfect time for you to embrace the beauty of the fall season! Fall-inspired lash looks are all the rage, and there's no better time to experiment with creating warm and cozy lash looks. Need some fall inspo? Stick around while we explore some exquisite lash styling ideas that will elevate your clients' looks this autumn. From Pumpkin Spiced lashes to Cinnamon Maple lashes, and even Toffee Latte lashes, we'll guide you through the art of creating captivating and seasonal lash designs that will warm the hearts of your lovely clients.

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Pumpkin Spiced Lashes 

Fall is synonymous with pumpkin spiced everything, so why not infuse that warmth into your lash extension sets? For this lash map, we decided that using a popular style like a Halfset of lashes would be the perfect choice. A Half set of lashes with a pumpkin spice twist is an excellent way to kick off the season. Here's how to achieve it:

It all starts with choosing the right lashes. Start with selecting brown lash extensions for a more natural and warm look. Brown lash extensions are a must-have this fall as they blend seamlessly with anything fall-themed to create a cozy vibe. For a Half Set lash mapping, focus on the outer corners of the eyes and extend the lashes in a similar way as you would a Cat Eye, to create a lifted and captivating effect. A Half Set of lashes is the ideal choice for clients who love a subtle enhancement and an elongated flick - you can check out our deep dive into Half Set lashes in this blog post.

Pumpkin spiced lash extensions

Now, it’s entirely up to you and your client, but incorporating colored lashes into this lash set would take it to the next level! To add that touch of pumpkin spice, consider using gorgeously vibrant orange lashes as an accent. These colored lashes embody the warm hues of the season and make the eyes pop. For a flawless finish, we recommend using clear lash glue for a seamless blend between the lashes. 

Cinnamon Maple Lashes 

It’s widely known that cinnamon and maple are considered the quintessential flavors of fall, and you can mirror this delectable duo in your lash designs! Try out our Cinnamon Maple lashes which utilize a Squirrel lash map for a versatile look with cozy brown lashes, and a pop of color with orange lashes in the outer corners for a unique and striking look:

You may already be well acquainted with Squirrel lash mapping as it is one of the most popular and universal lash maps out there. If you’re unsure of whether or not Squirrel style lashes will suit your client's eye shape, we’ve got a comprehensive eye shape guide that is definitely worth a read. To put it simply, Squirrel lash mapping follows the brow arch and is similar to the growth of the natural lashes. It creates a lift reminiscent of Dolly style lashes, and a flick that’s like a more subtle version of a Cat Eye. 

Cinnamon Maple lash extensions, free lash maps

As you can see in our lash map, we have incorporated some orange lashes in the outer corners of the eyes in shorter lashes of 6-9mm. This pop of color will create a mesmerizing focal point that captures the essence of fall - have you ever seen anything more autumnal than this?! These warm orange lashes will harmonize perfectly with brown lash extensions throughout the rest of the lash line, creating a seamless transition from natural to a dash of color.

Toffee Latte Lashes

For clients who prefer a more understated and classic fall look, these Toffee Latte lashes with a Natural Style lash map are the perfect choice:

From a Nude look to Hybrid lashes, there are many ways in which you can map a set of Natural Look lashes. It really varies on the individual and will depend on factors like the condition of their natural eyelashes, their eye shape, age, lifestyle, etc. - for some, you may use a super light Classic set with 0.10 lashes, and for others, you may be using 2D 0.07 Volume lash fans. For alternative natural lash mapping styles, we recommend taking a look at our ‘Natural Lashes How-to Guide.’

Toffee latte lash extensions map

For our Toffee Latte lashes, we have kept it simple and opted for individual Classic lashes that follow the growth of the natural eyelashes and increase to a modest length of 11mm - creating a balanced and elegant look. This lash mapping is perfect for clients who wish to subtly enhance their eyes whilst still keeping them as natural as possible. You can achieve this look with brown lash extensions, as they create an ultra-warm finish. This choice of lash map and lashes are an excellent complement to the toffee latte theme and is a safe bet for a sophisticated and understated fall look.


As a Lash Technician, you have the creative freedom to experiment with lash extensions to craft fall-inspired lash looks that your clients will love. Especially in the run-up to Christmas! Whether it's the warmth of Pumpkin Spiced lashes, the vibrancy of Cinnamon Maple lashes, or the understated beauty of Toffee Latte lashes, these lash sets will perfectly capture the essence of the season. So, this fall, let your inner artist shine and create lash looks that are as warm and inviting as the season itself.