Wispy Western Inspired Lash Extensions | Free Lash Map and Tutorial

It's time to talk about a lash trend that's as fresh as it is fierce—inspired by none other than Queen B herself! In celebration of Beyoncé's latest country album, we’ve created a lash map with a distinct Texan charm. So today, we're diving deep into Western Inspired lash extensions, a style that's perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of Western flair to their day-to-day! Grab your lash tweezers and saddle up; we've got a fun ride ahead!

Brown eyelash extensions for classic, volume and hybrid lashes

The Base: Brown Lashes

To start with, let’s talk about the lashes that we’ll be using. When you think of lash extensions, you probably picture a classic black, right? Well, let's shake things up a bit. Brown lash extensions are the star of this look, offering a softer, more natural vibe that still packs plenty of punch. They’re definitely becoming more and more popular as we head into summer. These lashes are also a fantastic choice if you’re looking for versatility, especially if you're going for something that blends seamlessly with various skin tones and eye colors, creating a lovely, understated warmth. Our lash map, which we’ll talk you through, focuses on the strategic use of wispy brown eyelash extensions and lash spikes, with a twist on the widely adored Cat Eye lash map.

Volume lash fans with brown lash extensions

The Lash Mapping

Let’s break down the lash mapping because getting this right is key to nailing the cowgirl look. For this lash style, you’ll be using eyelash extensions with lengths varying from 7mm to 13 mm. This can, of course, be customized to your client’s needs, as any lash set should, with the shorter lashes placed at the inner corners and gradually increasing in length towards the outer quarter, creating a sweeping effect that is both bold and flattering, similar to a Cat Eye.

This lash map includes ten sections in total. The first seven sections will have the lashes increasing in length as they move outwards, enhancing the eye’s natural curve, with the longest section reaching 13mm. The last three sections towards the outer corners will then decrease in length by 1 mm each, helping to accentuate the look by providing the lift needed to create an elongated effect. Depending on which style your client requests, you can most definitely use either Classic or Volume lashes, it’s all about what suits your client's eye shape, facial structure, and, of course, needs.

western inspired Wispy lashes lash map

Onto the Lash Spikes

Here’s where we add some drama with lash spikes! A key feature of this style is the use of lash spikes throughout the lash line. These intermittent spikes are crafted using several brown lashes coated with lash primer to adhere them together to create the spikes. This technique ensures the spikes stand out just enough to give the lash line a bold, textured look that screams the wispy cowgirl style we’re trying to achieve. When it comes to wispy lash extensions it’s all about creating a feathery, soft look that still holds impact— and that's exactly what these spikes will do! You can also add more texture by varying the lengths and curls you use within the lash set to mimic your client’s natural lash line but with enhanced volume and length. 

Making lash spikes with lash primer

Encourage your clients to channel their inner cowgirl with this bold, Cowboy Carter-inspired lash style. Using brown lashes and those standout lash spikes, you'll deliver a gorgeous, natural, and wispy look. Whether your clients are gearing up for a country music concert or just want to add a touch of Texan glam to their everyday style, these Cowgirl-inspired lash extensions are sure to make a statement!