Which Lash Map Would Suit Each US Love Islander? The Original Cast | Lash Mapping Advice

We’ve got a text! The Love Island villa is finally back on our screens for another year, with brand new islanders who are looking to find their perfect match. Although we love all the romance and drama, it’s our turn to map out their type on paper. If you didn’t guess, we’re talking about their ideal lash extension style. Obviously, these individuals are stunning, and would look incredible with lash extensions! Just in case they want to give eyelash extensions a shot when they re-enter the outside world, we’re here to let them know which lash styles would be perfect for them! So, if your clients want to get the Love Island look, then listen up!

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The Host!

The Love Island USA host for Season 5 is the gorgeous Sarah Hyland! In our opinion, they are an icon in the television industry, and she is now making waves in the Love Island villa. This stunning actress has prominent facial features that would totally suit a set of Cat Eye lashes or Fox lashes. If you follow Sarah, you’d know that she loves the natural lash look with a subtle flick -  so a Cat Eye with shorter lengths will perfectly complement her amazing doe-like eyes. 

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Sarah Hyland in the Love Island Season 5 Villa
Photo credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock

The Girls!

Anna Kurdys

Anna, our quirky queen, would absolutely suit our new Barbie lash map. This blonde bombshell is not just a pretty face as she’s also currently a criminal justice student too! That’s what Barbie’s all about, bossing the world and looking amazing whilst doing it. She gives us all the good vibes and would rock a Barbie-inspired wispy lash look. 

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Photo credit: Peacock TV

Destiny Davis

Doing Missouri proud is Destiny! To many, she’s one of the most stand-out islanders who’s confident and relatable; therefore, she needs to have a luscious set of lashes to match! To enhance her stunning natural features, we believe a Squirrel Style would be perfect for her. Destiny has a pronounced high brow arch, which means using a Squirrel style lash map for her would be a match made in heaven. 

You can learn how to create a Squirrel Style lash set in our How to Map a Squirrel Lash Set blog.Destiny from Love Island USA 2023, Season 5

Photo credit: Peacock TV

Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray

Kay Kay needs to meet her match, and this goes for her eyelash extensions too! Her energy is unrivaled, and as a caring Nurse during her day-to-day life, we can already tell she loves to get glam after hours. Keenan described Kay Kay as having ‘vixen eyes’ and we totally agree with him! We believe that Mega Volume lash extensions with a flare in the outer corner of the eye would be perfect for enhancing her upturned eyes. She already loves Mega Volume strip lashes, so why not make them more permanent?! 

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Photo credit: Peacock TV

Kassy Castillo

As seen on screen, Kassy loves to go all in, and she should - not only in her love life but with her lashes as well! Her stunning eye shape would seriously suit a set of Dolly style lashes. Dolly lashes provide symmetry across both eyes and can truly be customized to open up her gorgeous eyes. 

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Kassy from Love Island USA 2023 Season 5
Photo credit: Peacock TV

Jasmine Sklavanitis

Another nurse hosted by the villa is Jasmine! Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Jasmine on our screens any longer, but we’re sure that she’ll still be stealing hearts on the outside. To match her bold and bubbly personality, we think an Extreme Strip Lash Look is her perfect pairing. As we saw in the villa, Jasmine loves a falsie, so a strip lash look wouldn’t be something she’s not used to. This islander has been unapologetically herself and deserves a set of glam eyelash extensions to match.

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Photo credit: Peacock TV

The Boys! 

We may be under the impression that the Love Island boys don’t, and may not ever have worn lashes - but they absolutely should! Eyelash extensions are NOT just for women, no matter who you are, anyone, and everyone suits lash extensions! In terms of which styles of lash looks we believe would suit the boys, we thought that natural Classics and Nude lash looks are the way to go. To subtly enhance each of the boys' natural features, Classic, natural, and short lashes would be the perfect choice. Barely noticeable but still enhancing, natural lash extensions will subtly highlight each Islander's natural features.

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