Everything You Need To Know About Our Layered Lash Discounts | Q&A

At London Lash, our goal is and has always been to provide Lash Technicians around the world with high-quality products, invaluable knowledge, and expert advice. If you weren’t aware, London Lash was founded by Hanna Putjato - a certified Lash Technician herself! Since the beginning, the company has hired both Lash Artists and lash enthusiasts alike (who receive a bunch of training) to form our team today, and we’re still growing! You may not think this is a big deal, but in fact, this makes a huge difference in how London Lash runs, our products, and our strong relationships with customers. It means that we are well aware of the day-to-day struggles that Lash Techs face and we know how difficult it can be to grow a business without breaking the bank in the process. The last thing you need is to be worrying about running out of stock and spending your precious time placing multiple orders to try and get the best deals. A lash model with eyelash extensions and our brand slogan

We strive to do the most that we possibly can, so we are always trying to create fantastic products and unmissable deals that could help you out. We’ve already got a variety of money-saving bundles such as our lash glue subscription service and exclusive discount codes, but our most recent launch is possibly the best yet. If you’re looking for a stress-free way to buy lashes with discounts of up to 45%, you’re in luck. Did we just say up to 45%? Yes, we can hardly believe it ourselves!

What Are Layered Lash Discounts?

As you may have guessed, Layered Lash Discounts are exactly what it says on the tin! Incredible discounts for buying lashes in bulk. Our UK Lash Techs loved it, so we thought why not bring it to the US? Instead of just another generic discount, this one is tailored just for you. With Lash Technicians in mind, these incredible discounts will save you money in the long run! 

Our Scheme:

Buy any 5+ lash trays and get 25% off

Buy any 8+ lash trays and get 35% off

Buy any 15+ lash trays and get 45% off


Your lashes can be mixed and matched, and all of our gorgeous lashes (excluding the Premade Volume Fans) are included. Therefore, not only can you get all of your favorite lashes for less, but you can try out new lashes too!

A CGI GIF showing different types of eyelash extensions boxes falling from a conveyor belt into a shopping basket

Why 5, 8, and 15 Trays?

Our Layered Lash Discounts have been designed with Lash Techs in mind, therefore, the number of trays included within the different bands of this discount have been meticulously thought out. 5 lengths is usually the minimum number of lengths that we recommend using in any lash map to enhance your clients’ eyes to the fullest. Not to mention, we also happen to currently have 5 lash collections in total, so it only makes sense to try a mixed-length tray of our Mayfair, ChelseaCamellia LashesFlat Lashes, and easy fanning lashes in your desired curl.

8 trays are the perfect option to choose if you want to have a collection of the most commonly used lengths in single trays. This is also a fantastic opportunity to expand your repertoire and try out different thicknesses and curls, or even a completely different style. Lash artistry is all about being creative, so why not give yourself a chance to branch out every now and then?

If you want the biggest discount possible, 15 trays is the one to go for. Buying 15 trays will allow you to create any lash set that your clients could ask for as you’ll have an entire range of lengths. With 15 trays or more, you’ll not only be able to take advantage of a huge 45% off, but it also means that you won’t have to improvise or panic if a client walks into your lash room asking for a lash style that you’re not stocked up for. Again, this could be your chance to try out new collections, curls, thicknesses, and even colors! A lash strip of fluffy volume lash extensions

How Will This Benefit Me?

The only time we advise against buying in bulk is when it comes to your lash glue! With lashes, however, this is definitely NOT the case. You can purchase as many as your heart desires. Although it may feel cheaper to buy lashes sporadically, it actually works out much cheaper if you buy multiple lash trays at a time with our layered lashes discount. If you’ve already got a solid business plan and budget, it’s so much easier to factor in a one-time lash purchase than having to keep track of all of the single trays you are buying; and if you don’t keep track of your purchases, it’s so easy to start when you buy all of your lashes from the same place in bulk. As we’ve previously mentioned, receiving such a HUGE discount gives you the chance to try different types of lashes that you've had your eye on, or have potentially never even thought of trying before - you never know, this could change your lash life as you know it!

Do I Need a Discount Code?

No! If you add 5 or more lash trays, 25% will automatically be deducted from your basket, if you add 8 trays of lashes you’ll see a 35% discount deducted, and if you add 15 or more, when you go through to checkout you’ll see 45% knocked off your total. Clever right?! Just keep in mind that our Layered Lash Discounts won’t be applied to Premade Volume Fans, or to lashes that are already in the outlet or have their own promotion. Of course, you can still add them to your basket, but they won’t be counted towards your 5, 8, or 15 lash tray total.

A close-up of eyelash extensions on the strip

Can I Use Other Discount Codes?

Yep! Just bear in mind that the discount codes will no longer work if you have fewer than 5 lash trays in your basket, but will work on anything else in your basket that our discount codes can usually be applied to. If you add 5 or more lashes, the Layered Lash Discount will automatically kick in on those, while you can add on another discount code for the other products in your basket, if they’re applicable.


Our guide on our brand-new Layered Lash Discount scheme is complete! If you have any more questions, be sure to click on the little icon in the bottom right of your screen and you can chat with our lovely Customer Service team. If you need more information about which lashes you should choose, check out our Guide to London Lash US Lashes!