Introducing: Satin Bond Lash Glue!

We've changed the game when it comes to eyelash extension glue, and the Satin Bond is no different. At London Lash, we strive to create the highest-quality products that will help you navigate your lash journey with ease. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: Satin Bond!

Slow drying eyelash glue for lash technicians

What is Satin Bond Lash Glue?

With a swift 2-second drying time, Satin Bond is the go-to adhesive for beginners, intermediate lash techs, and also seasoned lash artists who’ve been struggling with rapid-drying glues in environments with high heat or humidity. If this sounds like you, then his one's for you!

Satin Bond’s medium viscosity (think maple syrup) ensures you get just the right amount of adhesive, which will wrap around the extension and the natural lash. This means a fantastic hold and incredible retention!

Dropping eyelash glue onto a jade stone

Satin Bond thrives in temperatures of 64-72°F and loves a humidity range of 50-65%.

Dropping Satin Bond lash glue onto a surface

Got queries? We've got you covered with our Q&A!


Q: Is Satin Bond a sensitive eyelash adhesive?

A: Nope. All our adhesives, including Satin Bond, contain cyanoacrylate, which can sometimes cause allergic reactions or redness. For a deep dive into chemical burns and allergies, head over to our detailed blog post.

Q: Is Satin Bond replacing Velvet?

A: Not exactly. While Satin Bond does dry a tad slower than Lady Bond, its 2-second drying time is still pretty fast! But here's the kicker: it's incredibly user-friendly, making it perfect for those just dipping their toes in the lash world!

Q: What if my workspace is warmer or has higher humidity?

A: Of course! Like all lash glues, Satin Bond might dry a bit quicker in those conditions. If that's an issue, consider adjusting your environment to hit the sweet spot.

Q: What's the retention rate for Satin Bond?

A: If you've prepped correctly, used fresh adhesive, and guided your clients on the best possible aftercare, you're looking at a solid 6 weeks! However, we recommend infills every 3-4 weeks to keep those lashes looking full and fresh.

Q: How can I be sure this eyelash glue is right for me?

A: We have a hunch that you'll love it, but hey, we might be a tad partial. Why not start with a sample size? Test it on a few clients before going all in with a full-size bottle.

Q: How does Satin Bond stack up against other LLP adhesives?

A: Check out our adhesive comparison chart right here!

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