Common Questions About Lash Glue

Any time we open any of our inboxes, go to any Facebook page for lash technicians, or go to any lash forum, we find a huge number of posts asking about LASH GLUE! We collected some of the most frequently asked questions in those places, and put them all together in one handy blog post to help you find the answer you need FAST!

What Glue do Professionals Use for Eyelash Extensions?

There are so many lash glues on the market, designed to suit all experience levels and all sorts of room conditions. Generally speaking, glues for eyelash extensions will be cyanoacrylate based, with some black colouring in it to help it blend with the extension bases and natural lashes. You can check out our glue collection here to find one to suit you!

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What is the Best Glue for Eyelash Extensions?

This depends on a few factors - what is best for me might not be best for you, for example, so taking these things into consideration is essential:



Placement speed (this is how long it takes you to place an extension on the natural lash after you’ve dipped it into the glue) 

Why do you need to check these things? In short, they will help you pick the best glue for you from the range on offer. 

Each lash glue has the same job, but they have a very different set of preferences which is what can make it so tricky to pick a glue at random. 

Check our glue comparison chart to help you find the best fit for you, and check out this blog post to find out everything you need to know about finding the very best fit!

How Long Does Eyelash Extension Glue Take to Dry?

This depends on what you mean by ‘dry’ - do you mean how long do you have to place the glue, how long can you use your glue drop on the jade stone, or how long until you can get your lashes wet?

How Long Does Glue Take to Dry on the Lash Extension

This will depend on a few different factors:

  • How much cyanoacrylate is in the glue?
  • What are the room temperature and humidity levels?
  • What kind of pretreatment has been carried out? 

Eyelash extensions glue, generally speaking, dries in between half a second up to 5 seconds. You’ll find that the vast majority of lash brands have at least two glues to suit beginners and advanced technicians respectively - a slower glue suits us better when we’re new and it takes us a bit longer to place the extension exactly where we want it. Once our hands stop shaking and we get super used to placing the extensions, a faster glue will suit us better! Remember that higher temperatures and humidity levels in our workspace will massively impact the behaviour of the glue. 

For a more in-depth look at picking the perfect glue based on your experience level, check out this blog post. To see a little comparison of all of our lash glues, have a look at our glue comparison chart.

How Long Does Glue Take to Dry on the Jade Stone

You’re going to want to change your glue drop every 15-20 minutes - the glue reacts with the air and will begin to go stringy. When it’s like this, it really won’t be as effective and will lead to retention issues. 

How Long Does Glue Take to Dry Completely

We always recommend waiting for 24 hours after treatment to get your lashes wet but in actual fact the glue will have dried in 8 hours or less. Adding this extra time just means that those bolder clients who will cut the waiting time in half because ‘it’s probably fine by now’ will actually not cause themselves any retention issues. If you have clients who love to swim, shower soon after treatment, or even just cry - finish off their lash set withSuperbonder to cure the glue instantly whilst keeping the bond flexible and not brittle.

How to Remove Lash Glue

Depending on what you need to remove it from, there are a couple of simple ways to do this. 

How to Get Lash Glue Off Skin

Let’s say you were struggling to get the lid off of your glue after shaking and when you got the lid off, the glue all flew out and went all over your hands. In this instance, you’re going to use some of your cream remover or gel remover and let it soak into the glue for 10-20 minutes so that it breaks down the glue just like you would if you were removing the lashes. Wipe it away with adry cloth/tissue and repeat the process if necessary. Once ALL of the glue residue has gone, wash your hands and moisturise - glue remover can be drying on the skin. 

 If you’re wondering where to buy lash glue remover, we have a range of removers to suit different experience levels - for beginners, we’d recommend a cream remover as it stays exactly where you put it with no chance of leaking into the eyes. If you’re after something a little bit faster, try a gel remover. They work by breaking down the lash glue and making it super easy to get it off of your skin/hair/clothing/bed cover/etc. 


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How to Get Lash Glue Off Tweezers

This is a nice easy one - get your glue remover for tweezers and simply dip your tweezers into it, using the sponge balls to really remove that glue from your precious tweezers. 

How to Remove Lash Glue From A Jade Stone or Lash Palette

Get some acetone (nail polish remover) on a cotton pad and wipe it away. If it’s a large amount, you can use your remover and leave it to soak. For super easy clean up, opt for some jade stone stickers to protect the surface of your jade stone! 


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Can You Use Hair Glue or Nail Glue for Eyelash Extensions?

NO. While the ingredients might be similar, they’ve been specifically formulated to work in different areas. It’s simply not safe to use a product designed for one area on another, especially when the product in question will be so close to the eyes.