Why You Should Have Short Lashes in Your Collection

As a Lash Technician, you're well aware that the world of lash extensions is as diverse as the clients who walk through your door. While long, dramatic lashes often steal the spotlight, it's time to shine a light on their understated counterpart: short lash extensions. Yes, you heard it right. Those tiny, often overlooked lash extensions can be your secret weapon for a range of stunning looks. So, let's dive into why these little beauties deserve some major love in your lash kit.

Applying an under eye patch for lash extensions

What are Short Lash Extensions?

Short lash extensions, typically ranging from 6mm to 9mm, are the unsung heroes in the world of eyelash extensions. They may not have the immediate wow factor of their longer counterparts, but their subtlety and versatility make them a must-have for any Lash Tech. They're truly the overlooked stars in your lash arsenal.


Reasons to Have Short Lashes in Your Lash Kit

Lashing Inner & Outer Corners

It’s the rule of thumb that you shouldn’t use super long lashes on the inner and outer corners as this can cause strain on the natural lash, resulting in them prematurely shedding or even causing permanent damage to the bulb itself, needless to say, they can actually cause bother and become super annoying when the client blinks. When it comes to a natural and comfortable lash look, short lashes are indispensable. They are perfect for the inner and outer corners of the eyes, where longer extensions can feel heavy or look unnatural. These 'baby lashes' blend seamlessly with the natural lashes, giving your clients a flawless finish without any heaviness.

Lashing inner and outer corners of the eyes

Creating Dense Lash Looks

For clients seeking a fuller lash line rather than length, short lash extensions are your go-to. They can add that sought-after volume and density without the extra length, creating a lush, natural look that will make for the most gorgeous Instagram photos.

Short eyeliner effect lash extensions
   Eyeliner effect, created using L/M curls in 5-9mm, 0.10 thickness. By the talented @loredana_londonlashpro

Creating Natural Lash Looks

As we’ve addressed already, not everyone desires the drama of long lashes. Not to worry! Short lash extensions are ideal for clients who prefer a more understated, natural look, especially useful for everyday enhancement. That’s the beauty of lash extensions. No matter what look your client is requesting, they can rely on them, giving them a confidence boost each and every day, and being fairly low maintenance while doing so. Sidenote: that does NOT mean they don’t have to clean their lashes every day!

Taking Care of Your Clients’ Natural Lashes

Shorter extensions are technically lighter and put less strain on natural lashes. This is crucial for clients with weaker or thinner lashes who still want the enhancement lash extensions provide. To maintain healthy and natural-looking lashes, it is best to stick with eyelash extensions that are not more than 3mm longer than your clients’ own lashes. Going beyond this limit can cause your client’s lashes to twist or sit at an improper angle, leading to premature lash loss. Over time, this can affect the root of their lashes too, causing them to grow back finer, or sometimes not at all! 

Blonde natural lashes

If your client is desperate for extremely long lashes and is super insistent on it, despite you informing them of the potential risks, consider using Flat Lashes or opting for a lower thickness to help protect their lashes in some way. It's important to prioritize the safety and well-being of your customers, even if their desired outcome may not be the most ideal option. If you want to learn more about how to protect damaged lashes, check out our ‘How to Recognize the Signs of Damaged Natural Lashes' and 'How To Not Cause Damage With Eyelash Extensions’ blog posts.

Clients with Short Natural Lashes

For clients with naturally short lashes, matching the extension length to their natural lashes can create a more natural, balanced look while giving that extra oomph. If you’re matching the lash extension length to the natural lash length, that's where short lashes shine. This approach also helps in maintaining the health of their natural lashes but adds density and volume. As the client’s natural eyelashes grow out, the extensions attached will grow with them, giving your client extra length for a short time, without any damage.

Short lash extensions for lash techs

Male Clientele

A current lash extension trend increasing in popularity is of men opting for lash extensions and we love to see it! Generally speaking, male clients typically request a super natural lash look, and short lashes are fantastic for men who want to enhance their lashes without being overly noticeable. If you’re a man wanting to dip your toes into the world of lash extensions or a Lash Technician seeking to expand your clientele, we have a ‘Can Men Wear Eyelash Extensions?’ blog post that is definitely worth the read!

Prepare for Any Style

Short lash extensions can be used in every lash set, and it’s important that your lash arsenal is armed with short lashes for whichever style you face. Let's say your client comes in wanting a super sharp and dense eyeliner effect. In this scenario, short lash extensions are perfect to use as they’ll give the illusion of fuller lashes, a small sharp flick, and a defined eye overall. Having a variety of lash lengths, including short ones, in your lash extensions kit prepares you for any request that comes your way. Whether it's a natural look, a special requirement, or a unique style, you'll be ready to deliver!

Fox eye Lash extensions
Fox Lashes by the incredible @loredana_londonlashpro


So, there you have it. Short lashes might not always get the limelight, but they're incredibly versatile and essential for a range of stunning, natural looks. As a savvy Lash Technician, embracing these little gems means you can cater to everyone who walks through your door, ensuring their lashes aren't just beautiful but also healthy. Remember, it's often the little things that make the biggest difference! Short lashes are a testament to that, proving that sometimes, it's the smallest details that make the biggest impact.