Six Seriously Underrated Lash Accessories and Why You Need Them In Your Lash Studio

In our industry, the difference between a good set and a great set of lashes often lies in the details. Sure, the right technique will always be essential, but it’s also important to pay attention to those behind-the-scenes heroes that don’t always get the limelight. We’re talking about those nifty little tools and accessories that can seriously up your lash game and will have you wondering how you ever lived without them. So let’s take a look at six underrated lash studio essentials that are total game-changers!

Lash Technicians working in a lash studio together

1. A Lash Mirror

Small but mighty, a lash mirror is an indispensable tool that will provide you with a different perspective on your work. It allows you to view the lashes from various angles that you’d otherwise miss, ensuring each extension is perfectly placed (no more leaning lashes!) and that the overall look is even and flawless. The Square Lash Mirror from London Lash is a perfect example of this, with a wide-angled view that you can use to check those lashes from the inner all the way to the outer corners effortlessly. But that’s not even the best part! Throughout your treatments, you will also be able to check how full your set is and if the coverage matches across both eyes, how your clients’ top lash line is looking, and prevent your clients from experiencing chemical burns by checking if their eyes are open. Don’t forget, you can also take some pretty aesthetic photos from a whole new angle, just like this…

Lash mirror to look at lash extensions lash line

2. The Clever Hygrometer & Thermometer 2 In 1

Next, we've got the dynamic duo of the lash studio: the Hygrometer & Thermometer. This gadget is basically like the weatherman of your lash studio, telling you all about the humidity and temperature of your room. Why is this important? Because your lash glue and retention rely on them! Once you understand why and how to control your lash room’s environment, with the help of your Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer measuring them, you can ensure that your lash glue will behave correctly and cure within its optimal conditions. Measuring and maintaining the right environmental conditions within your lash room will help you to prevent premature shedding of your clients’ extensions and weak adhesion. With a Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer keeping you in the know, you can ensure that your glue behaves just right, making those lash extensions look amazing and last longer.

Lash extensions hygrometer and thermometer for lash studio

3. Glue Stones

Now, onto Glue Stones. Glue Stones are a must-have for controlling the amount of lash glue you use during applications. They also help to keep your eyelash glue at a cool and consistent temperature to prevent it from drying out too quickly, saving you adhesive over time. We offer two types: our Agate Glue Stone and our Black Jade Stone, both perfect for reducing glue fumes and the risk of spilling your adhesive on your client like a glue ring. Whether you go for an Agate Lash Glue Stone or the swanky Black Jade Stone, you’ll basically be giving your glue a mini spa day, every day!

Agate stone to hold lash glue

4. Lash Tweezer Storage

Every Lash Technician knows the importance of having the right lash tweezers. They’re like royalty in the lash world and deserve to be treated like so. Enter the Tweezer Holder and Magnetic Tweezer Case. These storage options are the perfect solutions for keeping your tools organized, easily accessible, and most importantly, protected! What’s the point in spending money on lash tweezers in the first place if you aren’t going to protect them? It’s like buying a phone and skipping out on a phone case or screen protector! Storing your tweezers in these holders rather than leaving them lying around on your lash pillow or trolley will help you to prevent damaging their tips if you accidentally drop them or knock them to the floor. It’s important for you to ensure the tips of your tweezers remain intact if you want precise and effective isolation when applying lash extensions. So, no more damaged or lost tweezers; plus, they look pretty chic on your workstation too.

lash tweezers storage

5. Silicone Lash Pad

Silicone Lash Pad is a simple yet revolutionary tool for Lash Techs, especially beginners. This is the go-to tool for practicing on if you’re struggling to make Volume lash fans. Their silicone surface is tacky, making it easier and quicker to create fans that open up with ease. So if you’re having a hard time  mastering the perfect fan, the Silicone Lash Pad has got you! Say goodbye to tricky lash fans and hello to smooth fanning – seriously, check out the video below, it’s like magic.

6. Foam Tape

Last but certainly not least, is Foam Tape. This is a pretty versatile accessory that can enhance the comfort of your clients and improve the application process. The Foam Tape from London Lash is gentle on the skin, making it ideal for securing those pesky lower lashes, and make a great alternative for clients who are allergic to the gel of eye patches, have oily skin, bulbous eyes, or struggle to keep their eyes closed during treatments. It’s thick foam also helps to keep the fumes away from your clients’ eyes, with its flexibility and comfort ensuring a better experience for both technician and client. It’s really the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to your client’s comfort. If you want to learn more about which tape is the best for you, then check out our comprehensive comparison guide.

The advantages of using foam lash tape

Why These Accessories Are Must-Haves

Each of these tools brings something special to the table. From ensuring your work environment is just right with a Hygrometer & Thermometer to keeping your application process smooth and efficient with Silicone Lash Pads and Foam Tape, these tools can significantly enhance the quality of your work. These handy tools will be valuable investments in your artistry. Incorporating these underrated accessories into your lash studio can also set you apart from the competition, showcasing your commitment to quality, precision, and client comfort. These are the kinds of investments that always pay off when it comes to the quality of your work and the satisfaction of your clients!

So, there you have it—six underrated lash accessories that are sure to change the game in your lash studio. These small tweaks and additions to your lash kit can make a big impact on your work and each of your client’s experiences. So give these tools a try and watch your lash sets go from good to absolutely amazing. Your clients (and your sanity) will thank you for it!