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How and When to Use Foam Tape

Foam tape can be a game-changer for many of your clients, especially if you're just starting out or if you encounter a client with particularly challenging eye shapes. Here's the scoop…

Foam tape for lash extensions treatment

What’s So Good About Foam Tape?

Starting out in the lash industry can quickly become a costly endeavor. We've all been there, meticulously reviewing our shopping carts, trying to figure out what we can do without reducing the initial cost, all while ensuring we're equipped to wow our clients. Foam tape is a budget-friendly ally as you navigate these early days, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. A single roll boasts an impressive 5 meters of tape, capable of covering the lower lashes for up to 80 clients with the 2.5cm option, or a staggering 160 clients if you choose the 5cm version!

For beginners, the tape's thickness is a significant advantage, reducing the likelihood of accidental pokes with your lash tweezers—a common mishap for those still perfecting their technique and pressure control.

But what if you're an experienced lash artist with a strong preference for eye patches, yet you have that one client whose eyes refuse to stay shut, leaving them with red eyes every time? Despite trying every method under the sun, you might not have considered foam tape yet. Prepare to be enlightened! Foam tape's slightly thicker profile bridges the gap between fluttering eyelids, effectively blocking out lash glue fumes. It's practically a game-changer. Moreover, the tape's versatility is unmatched. It can be trimmed to any shape or size, ensuring a perfect fit for each client without the need for additional securing measures. There is no need to use surgical tape anymore to secure the eye patch in several different places! 

Uses and pros of foam tape for lash extensions treatment

Additional Perks

  • Ideal for clients with allergies to eye patches – the hypoallergenic adhesive on this tape is a godsend for those sensitive to the gels commonly used in eye patches.
  • It's also the perfect canvas for mapping out your lash designs, having been tested with various pens to ensure compatibility. This same texture prevents the tape from adhering to lash glue, making it an excellent choice for beginners prone to minor mishaps.
  • The tape stays put on clients with oilier skin types, and there's no gel to worry about, which is a relief if your client's eyes tend to water. 

Foam tape for eyelash extensions

All in all, foam tape is an invaluable addition to your lash toolkit! It's economical, durable, user-friendly, and universally applicable. The only downside? You might find yourself abandoning eye patches altogether. We've made peace with that, as long as it keeps you and your clients happy.


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