What Steps You Can Take to Become a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lash Technician

Let's chat about something super important - becoming eco-friendly! In the beauty industry, the rise of eco-consciousness is not just a trend; it's a necessary shift towards sustainability. As a Lash Technician, if you want to embrace eco-friendly practices, it is not only beneficial for the environment, but also adds value to your services. It's not just about jumping on the green bandwagon; it's about making real changes that help our planet. So, grab your favorite reusable coffee cup, and let's dive into how you can be a Lash Tech and an eco-hero!

how to become a sustainable lash technician

What Does Sustainability Mean?

First things first, let's break down what sustainability means for us lash pros. Being sustainable is all about choosing practices and products that are kind to Mother Earth, meaning that regardless of how you use a product, it should not contribute to the depletion of natural resources, thus ensuring environmental balance. As a Lash Technician, this means choosing products and methods that are eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Products

So, you want to become an environmentally friendly Lash Tech, but where do you start? At London Lash we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, so we can help you out! 


Eco-Friendly Lash Extensions: Many lash extensions are now made of synthetic materials rather than real mink fur because, of course, standing up against animal cruelty is important too! Additionally, the quality of mink lashes doesn’t even come close to how incredible synthetic lashes are - their curl doesn’t hold as well, you can’t get them wet, and they’re pretty unhygienic overall; so although our lash extensions are synthetic, it’s really for the best. Not to fret though, all of our lash extensions come in biodegradable packaging! Back in 2018, we were the FIRST professional lash brand on the market to swap out our plastic lash trays for paper ones, so you can rest easy knowing that the packing of our lashes is sustainable.

how to become a sustainable lash business

Reusable Tools: Invest in high-quality tools that can be sterilized and reused instead of disposable options. Lash tweezers, if properly cared for, can literally last you forever - it's like choosing a trusty sidekick that sticks around for the long haul.

Reusable Handles: Did you know that even mascara wands can be eco-friendly? It’s true! Instead of single-use plastics, such as the lash brush that gets thrown out after each treatment, you can opt for reusable metal handles for both cleansing brushes and silicone mascara wands. It’s a perfect solution to help you reduce your contribution to the amount of plastic waste that negatively impacts the environment.  Instead, you can simply dispose of the silicon brush insert, replace it, and disinfect the handle ready for your next client! We are always striving to improve our product line to become more eco-friendly, and this is just another one of those ways.

Switching out Your Plastics: Instead of investing in products with plastic packaging, why not switch to recyclable glass products instead? You can, in fact, shop our best-selling Lash Booster, SuperbonderCleanser, and Lash Primer without worrying about plastic waste, as they are available in stylish and recyclable glass bottles!

disposable vs reusable lash brush

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Disposal

Eco-Friendly Packaging: As we previously mentioned, choosing products that have eco-friendly packaging, such as cardboard or other recyclable materials instead of plastic, is a great way to become more environmentally friendly.

Proper Disposal: Educate yourself on how to dispose of your lash supplies correctly. This might include recycling programs or special waste management for certain products.

Making Your Space Greener

Energy Efficiency: Sustainability isn’t just about the products you use, you can also ensure your workspace is eco-friendly too. It is important to be mindful of things like your use of electricity, so consider using energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting in your lash studio.

Waste Reduction: Minimize waste by using products efficiently and avoiding the use of unnecessary disposables. It’s also important to minimize product waste by being mindful of the DOP and expiry dates of your products, especially with liquid products. Learn more about the expiry date of your products and how not to overstock in our guide to buying perishables.

Water Conservation:We understand the importance of water usage in your salon, but it’s good to be mindful of how much water you’re using during lash pretreatments, and the overall day-to-day workings of your studio. Every drop counts!

Lash extensions primer and cleanser in glass bottles

What We're Doing at London Lash

As we’ve already touched upon, at London Lash, we are committed to sustainability. We're not just talking the talk; we're also walking the walk:


Carbon Neutral Deliveries: Our deliveries are carbon neutral, helping to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. You can read more about our carbon-neutral deliveries in this blog post! 

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We've transitioned from plastic to paper  and glass packaging for our products where we can. 

Sustainable Parcel Materials:We've swapped out bubble wrap for protective paper, shredded paper, and biodegradable packing chips. Even our packaging Kraft paper tape is eco-smart!

Planting Trees with Every Sale: Through Shopify, we're planting trees and helping to offset carbon emissions. The app we are subscribed to calculates the carbon emissions for each order every month. Our monthly donation is then used to fund projects that either plant new trees or research and invest in new technologies that remove CO2 from the air and store it for later use. By removing carbon dioxide from the air to match the amount emitted during the transportation of goods, those deliveries then become carbon neutral.

steps to take to become eco friendly

Educating Yourself and Your Clients

Stay Informed: It’s important that you keep up-to-date with the latest eco-friendly practices and products in the lash industry, especially if your business model revolves around being sustainable.

Spread the Word: You should educate your clients about the benefits of eco-friendly practices too. Education is key!

Why Going Green is Great for Business

Attract Eco-Conscious Clients: As you establish yourself as an eco-friendly Lash Tech, you will attract loyal eco-conscious clients who also value sustainability.

Marketing Edge: You can use your eco-friendly practices to your advantage as a unique selling point in your marketing efforts.

Contribute to a Larger Cause: You're not just doing lashes; you're helping save the planet. By being eco-friendly, you’re contributing to the global effort of environmental conservation. Go you!

Our sustainable next steps

So, there you have it! Being an eco-friendly Lash Technician is about more than just picking the right products; it's about adopting a sustainable mindset and practices in every aspect of your business. By following these tips and joining us on this sustainable journey, you're on your way to making a big difference, one lash at a time. Every little step towards being greener counts, so let's make the lash industry a more sustainable and responsible place!