Leap Into Success | 4 Genius Ways to Benefit from an Extra 24 Hours 

As a Lash Technician, every day presents a new opportunity to enhance your skills, grow your business, and improve your work-life balance. However, once every four years, we’re gifted with an extra day: Leap Day! What a treat, right? This bonus day is more than just an oddity of the Gregorian calendar; it's a golden opportunity for personal and professional growth. But how do we make this Leap Day not just another date on our calendars, but a real game-changer for us and our lash businesses? Here are four unique ways you can leap into success this Leap Day.

Lash techs celebrating on leap day

1. Dedicate the Day to Learning

First off, why not spend the day leveling up your skills? Leap Day is the perfect occasion to invest in yourself by taking a training course. The beauty industry, especially the lash extensions world, is ever-evolving, with new techniques, products, trends, and health and safety standards emerging regularly. Whether you're a seasoned Lash Tech or just starting out, there's always something new to learn and master.

How about signing up for an in-person practical course or an online course that you can access from the comfort of your home or salon? Consider enrolling in a course that offers advanced training in lash extensions, explores the latest lash trends, or even delves into business management and customer service excellence. Maybe there's a new lash extension trend you've been eyeing, and it's time to brush up on the latest techniques. Investing in your learning on this extra day will not only polish your skills, but also amp up the value of your services for your clients. Plus, it's a great excuse to have a break from the daily hustle and bustle of being a busy Lash Tech to spend some time investing in your future with your fave coffee and your laptop, or enjoy a day of socializing and meeting other like-minded Lash Techs.

Lash Technicians training together

2. Boost Your Income

With a leap year bringing us an extra day, it also brings with it the chance to boost your income too. Capitalize on this unique occasion by offering special promotions, discounts, or packages for your lash extension services. This could be a "Buy One, Get One Free" deal, a percentage off for new clients, or a reduced price for a lash fill service. "29% off for the 29th" anyone? Promotions like these will not only incentivize your existing clients to book an appointment, but also help to attract new clients to your salon too. Make sure to announce your Leap Day specials well in advance through your salon's website, email newsletters, and social media channels to get the word out and watch the bookings roll in. 


Don't forget to make the most of the leap year sales on lash supplies too! At London Lash, we’re offering 29% off sitewide on the 29th of February 2024, so that you can maximize your profits by stocking up on your favorite lashes, glues, or accessories for less!

Leap day discount 2024 on lash supplies - 29% off

3. Invest in Your Marketing Efforts

With an extra day in the year, why not dedicate some time to sprucing up your online presence? For all you social butterflies and marketing mavens, Leap Day provides a unique opportunity for you to focus on enhancing your marketing efforts and boosting your social media. Update your website, plan out your social media posts, engage with your audience, and take the time to create reels or stories that showcase your skills and client testimonials. Ensure each of your platforms promotes your current services, prices, and any new portfolio images of your lash extension work.

It's also a great time to explore new marketing avenues. Could your business benefit from collaborating with local influencers, running a giveaway, or sharing educational tips? Leap Day could be an excellent opportunity to launch something exciting, so use this Leap Day to research and plan your strategies for growth, and to create a strong foundation for the year ahead, expanding your visibility and encouraging success. Remember, a strong online presence can really set you apart from other Lash Techs in your area!

Filming behind the scenes as a lash technician

4. Recharge and Rewind

While it's tempting to fill every extra minute with activities that promise growth and profit, the importance of using this extra day as an opportunity for some much-needed rest cannot be overstated! This Leap Day, consider pressing pause and taking some time for yourself. Yes, growing your business and honing your skills are super important, but so is taking a moment to recharge and focus on self-care.

As a Lash Technician, your job can be both physically and emotionally demanding, requiring not only a steady hand and sharp focus, but also great interpersonal skills and excellent customer service. Taking time for yourself to unwind and relax is not just a luxury; it's essential for maintaining the quality of your work and your overall well-being. So if you choose to spend this day focusing on yourself, why not do activities that make you feel rejuvenated? Whether it's a quiet day at home, a spa day, or simply enjoying the outdoors, make sure it's something that helps you relax and reset. You’ve got to remember that while you may be a superhero when it comes to lashes, a well-rested Lash Tech is more productive, professional, and creative.

Lash tech taking pictures of lash extensions set

So, there you have it—Leap Day isn't just an extra date in your diary; it's also an amazing opportunity for you to learn, earn, and chill. Of course, every day counts, but Leap Day is a bonus day that you can use to enhance your career and set yourself up for even greater success with your salon. So, let's use it to leap into success, and embrace everything that Leap Day presents!