Why It's Time to Say "No Thanks" to Nano Misters | London Lash Tells All

Ever stumbled upon a gadget that promised to be your next lash game-changer, only to find out it might not be the hero you thought it was? Enter the Nano Mister—a tool that’s sparked debates and discussions among Lash Techs for its promise to set lash extensions for amazing retention, especially if the humidity levels in your lash studio are nonexistent. But is it the miracle worker it's touted to be, or is it time to put the "No" in Nano Mister?

Brushing eyelash extensions with a spoolie brush

What Do Nano Misters Do?

At first glance, Nano Misters seem like a nifty tool for Lash Technicians, especially in areas prone to low humidity. Designed to emit a fine mist, they ostensibly help with setting the eyelash glue by curing it faster. The idea sounds promising, but when we take a closer look, the mist begins to fade…

The Not-So-Good Side of Nano Misters

While the intention behind using a Nano Mister is to accelerate the curing process of lash glue, it inadvertently introduces more problems than it solves. One significant issue is the risk of shock polymerization. This occurs when the adhesive comes into contact with a high level of moisture, causing it to cure too quickly and actually turn brittle instead of maintaining its flexibility, leading to poor retention. Of course, as you probably already know, while you do needsome moisture to cure lash glue, too much will cause it to go into shock and will turn the lash glue on the lashes white – a look no client wants!

Shock polymerization of lash extensions from nano mister

The Alternatives to a Nano Mister

So, what's the verdict? It's time to bid adieu to the Nano Mister and embrace more effective and safer alternatives. If you have a Nano Mister for that luxurious pampering feeling, switch to a Mini Coolie Lash Fan. It offers a gentle breeze, making the lash-curing process comfortable without the adverse effects associated with Nano Misters.

When it comes to curing lash glue, Superbonder stands unrivaled. Applying it at the end of your treatments ensures that the lash glue is cured straight away, locking in any glue fumes, and enhancing the longevity of the lash extensions, meaning your clients can get them wet straight away! Unlike the hasty and often harmful curing process induced by Nano Misters, Superbonder ensures that the lash glue retains its flexibility, so you won’t even have to spend a single second worrying about shock polymerization.

Applying Superbonder to lash extensions

Can You Put Superbonder in a Nano Mister?

Before you get any wild ideas about mixing Superbonder with your Nano Mister for an extra kick, let’s hit pause. Superbonder is designed to work its magic directly on the lashes, helping the glue cure properly and extending the life of the lash sets that you spend hours working on. This incredible product should only be used as intended. Misting Superbonder through a Nano Mister not only wastes precious product, meaning you’ll be wasting money restocking it more frequently than necessary, but it also poses the risk of it coming into contact with your client's skin, which it's not formulated for!

Lash Tech using nano mister vs superbonder

The allure of quick fixes and gadgets like a Nano Mister can be tempting, but as a skilled Lash Tech, it's crucial to prioritize the health of our client's lashes and the quality of our work. By understanding the real deal behind tools like Nano Misters and choosing effective alternatives like Superbonder and a Mini Coolie Lash Fan, you can create the most perfect set of lashes with amazing retention and still elevate your clients’ experience. So, say "No" to Nano Misters and "Yes" to superior alternatives that safeguard the beauty and health of your clients!