Underrated Glamcor Accessories You Need to Know About | Why These Glamcor Accessories Are the Unsung Heroes of the Salon

As a Lash Artist, you most definitely have tools and accessories that are not just add-ons; in fact, they have become essentials. Whether that be a beauty lamp, a mini lash fan, or even certain storage solutions, you probably feel like you wouldn’t be able to lash without them. But do you ever think even though you’ve got all the right tools in your lash studio, something’s still missing? While most professionals are familiar with the basics, there are a few underrated goodies from Glamcor that deserve a spotlight for their game-changing capabilities, yet are flying under the radar. Trust us, these aren’t your average accessories; they’re the unsung heroes that are about to make your life a whole lot easier!

glamcor light

Universal Flat Base Stand

Okay, first up, let’s talk about the Universal Flat Base Stand. The Universal Flat Base Stand is a testament to versatility and stability, designed to hold your Glamcor light securely in a permanent location. This stand is beneficial for any lash studio, but particularly in tight spaces, where traditional tripod bases may not fit. So, if you’re working in a cozy space (as many of us are), this stand is a lifesaver if you have a light that clamps to a table or beauty bed, but now want a standing light.

It’s designed to snugly fit under furniture or your lash bed, meaning you won’t be tripping over it every five minutes. Plus, it holds your Glamcor light like a champ, giving you all the flexibility to shine that light where you need it most. No more awkward shadows or missed spots when you’re applying your lash extensions. It’s all about getting that perfect angle and ensuring that every lash is clearly visible, from the inner to the outer corners, without turning your workspace into an obstacle course.

Universal flat stand for glamcor light

Glamcor Flow

Next on our list is the Glamcor Flow. Air quality is often overlooked in lash salons, yet it's incredibly important for both the technician and the client. The Glamcor Flow is a sleek, portable exhaust fan designed to create a healthier working environment by redirecting toxic fumes. If you want to protect yourself and your clients' health and avoid breathing in strong fumes from lash glue, nail polish, and other beauty products, then the Glamcor Flow is about to become your new best friend. 

The Glamcor Flow stands out not only for its efficient ventilation but also for its design. It's compact and quiet, offering three speeds and flexibility, ensuring it doesn't intrude on the serene salon atmosphere. Not only that, but by rotating the exhaust fan, you have a lash fan that cuts drying time in half, and cools you and your client!  All in all, this device is a big deal for keeping you and your clients comfortable, especially during those longer sessions, and will help to improve your health and well-being. 

Glamcor Flow air purifier

Riki Skinny Mirror

Now, if you’re a social media fan, the Riki Skinny Mirror is a product that should not be slept on. Weighing just 1.5 lbs and as sleek as an iPad, this LED travel makeup mirror battles those pesky fluorescent lights with ease, and with 5 dimming stages and a magnifying option, every detail is crystal clear. It’s a content creator's dream! Bluetooth selfies, live streams, and tutorial recordings are all possible and will get a major upgrade with the addition of this product. Imagine showcasing your lash art in the best light, literally. The Riki Skinny isn't just an underrated tool, it's an upgrade for your studio, making your work pop and your content really shine. When you have a product such as this one, it can serve as a powerful tool for marketing your skills on social media. The high-quality, well-lit images you can capture with the Riki Mirror, or the videos and live’s you can set up, are perfect for showcasing your work to potential clients.

Glamcor riki mirror for social content filming

So, why are we so hyped about these accessories? Because they solve issues we face in the lash studio every day. From making the most of tight spaces with the Universal Flat Base Stand, keeping our air clean with the Glamcor Flow, to ensuring our social media content is up to scratch with the Riki Skinny Mirror, these tools are all about upgrading your lash business. Incorporating these Glamcor accessories into your setup is more than just a treat for yourself, it’s also about giving your clients the top-notch experience they deserve. Plus, it shows you’re serious about your craft and committed to providing the best service possible. Having the right tools can make a world of difference, and while we all know the essentials, these Glamcor accessories are the unsung heroes that deserve a spot in your studio!