How to Make the Most of Payday as a Lash Tech

Let’s talk about something we all think about but might not always get right - spending our hard-earned cash wisely. As a Lash Tech, your craft not only lies in the art of eyelash extensions, but as an entrepreneur it also demands a keen eye for managing finances to ensure your business thrives. Whether you’re paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with the right strategies, you can make your hard-earned wage stretch further, allowing you to invest in high-quality products, and secure your financial future. Although we are NOT financial advisors, we have learned some helpful tips along the way!

Lash Technicians in a beauty salon

1. Make Use of Payday Sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale? To put it short, payday sales are like the beauty industry’s secret for scoring big on essentials like eyelash glue, lash extensions, and other must-have supplies for your salon without breaking the bank. As the name suggests, these sales often occur right around payday, and by timing your purchases to coincide with these sales, you can stock up on high-quality items at a fraction of the cost.

Here at London Lash, for instance, we frequently run payday lash sales, and they’re a goldmine for deals on high-quality products. By taking a strategic approach, you can help manage your inventory costs, whilst ensuring you’re buying the best lash products on the market. It’s all about timing your purchases just right to make your wallet (and your salon) super happy – so, keep an eye on your emails and your SMS notifications if you’re signed up to our mailing list for exclusive discounts and a handy heads-up!

Payday sale on lash extensions campaign

2. Invest in a Lash Glue Subscription Service

Ever been in the middle of an appointment when you realize you’re out of lash glue? Yeah, not fun. That’s where signing up for a lash glue subscription can be a total game-changer. This is basically the professional version of a beauty subscription box, which helps to make sure you’re always stocked up on the essentials. A subscription service ensures that you receive your essential supplies, like high-quality lash glue, at regular intervals without having to place an order manually each time. Plus, with our lash glue subscription, you save 20% on your glues compared to a one-off purchase. So, not only will you know exactly what you’re spending each month when it comes to budgeting, but the subscription service also comes with the added benefit of discounted prices, so you’ll get the best value for your products. Who doesn’t love saving a bit of cash?

Lash glue subscription service for lash techs

3. Budget Wisely

We all know the saying, “You get what you pay for,” right? Well, that’s especially true with lash supplies, whether that be pretreatment productslash glue, or lash extensions themselves. When it comes to lash treatments, quality should never be compromised! Of course, this comes down to the safety of the products, as lash supplies from a reputable brand have been hand-tested by Lash Technicians, and have undergone thorough product development and rounds of quality control. Not only this, but if you’re charging premium prices, then you should be using premium products!

Spending a little bit more on higher-quality lash products means happier clients and better lash retention. Since quality often comes with a higher price tag, to manage this, plan which products you have your eye on, and set aside a portion of your wage specifically for investing in these products. Don’t forget to utilize those payday sales, product bundle offers, and various other discounts, as we mentioned above – planning is the key to budgeting. Having this foresight ensures you always have the best materials on hand, leading to more satisfied customers and, ultimately, loyal customers.

Collection of lash supplies USA

4. Prioritize Your Professional Development

If you live and breathe lashes, you’ll know that the beauty industry is always evolving, with new techniques, products, and trends constantly emerging. With this in mind, why not allocate some of your earnings towards professional development to help stay at the top of your game? Whether you decide to invest in a lash skills course, or a business course, such as one to grow your socials, enhancing your knowledge will not only boost your confidence but also enable you to offer more services and charge higher rates. It’s a win-win!

In the meantime, you can always check out our selection of ebooks and FREE education hub!

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5. Save for the Unexpected

Unexpected expenses? They happen to the best of us, especially if you run a lash business. Whether you suddenly need to replace a key piece of equipment or have a slow month due to seasonal fluctuations, having a financial cushion can help you weather any storm without breaking a sweat. Try to save a bit of your income each month into a savings account. This fund will act as a safety net, ensuring you're prepared for whatever comes your way.

6. Get Smart With Your Marketing Strategies

In the age of Instagram and TikTok, a stunning lash set can practically market itself, and effective marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Therefore, it’s vital that you utilize social media platforms to showcase your work, engage with current and potential clients, and promote special offers. A well-timed post featuring stunning before-and-after photos, for instance, can generate more buzz than traditional advertising ever could. Investing time and a little money into your online presence can yield significant returns in terms of attracting new clients and retaining existing ones to help grow your business!

Taking lash extensions content for social media promotion

Being smart with your money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or invest in what you love. It’s all about making those wiser choices. With a bit of planning and some savvy spending, you can take your lash game to the next level and ensure the sustainability and growth of your lash business, all while keeping your finances in check. Just keep in mind that wise spending today leads to a prosperous tomorrow, so here’s to making every penny count and elevating our lash artistry together!