Everything You Need to Know About Ombre Eyelash Extensions | Insights Into Our New Product Launch 

So, what exactly are ombre lash extensions? Think of your regular lashes but with a splash of color at the tips. They’re a fantastic way to elevate your lash game—soft yet bold, without being too over-the-top! Let's explore London Lash's three new ombre lash options and share some styling ideas to get your creative juices flowing with these stunning new lash extensions.

Ombre lash extensions in lash tray

Introducing London Lash’s Ombre Lashes!

Our ombre lash extensions come in three gorgeous shades—pink, purple, and blue. The color is only at the very tips, giving you a subtle but super cute pop of color!

Blue ombre lash extensions

We chose to create pink, purple, and blue because they’re the fan favorites from our colored lash collection. These lashes come in a 0.07 thickness, which is our most popular for Volume lash extensions, letting you create fans up to 5D. To help you craft all sorts of looks for your clients, these lashes come in mixed-length trays from 8-14mm. Plus, you can get them in C, CC, and D curls, which are our customer's top picks!

A big plus of ombre lash extensions is that their black base means you can stick with your regular lash glue instead of switching to a clear one like Crystal Bond, which we recommend for fully colored lashes. Also, these lashes are made from the same soft, shiny, easy-to-fan fiber as our beloved Mayfair faux mink lashes. So, if you’ve used our Mayfair lashes before, these will feel familiar but with an exciting new twist!

Pink ombre lash extensions

Inspiration for You!

Ombre lash extensions, with their little pop of color, are perfect for those classic even top lines that are the hallmark of the Russian Volume technique. This look is achieved by dropping down one millimeter as you go up a layer in the natural lashes.

Infographic showing a perfectly even top lash line

This technique focuses the color in one area, making it stand out more when used across the eye. But even with this technique, ombre lash extensions stay subtle! They’re perfect for clients who want to dip their toes into the world of colored lashes without going all in. They’ll get to enjoy that little splash of color (and the compliments that come with it) in bright lights or daylight, where they are more noticeable.

This lash set by London Lash Master Artist and Trainer Iryna Prylypko uses a Cat Eye lash map with C and CC curls, ranging from 9mm to 14mm.

Model wearing purple ombre lash extensions

Another fun way to play with ombre lash extensions is to try them out using trending styles like the Wet Look or Angel Lash Look. The set below uses blue ombre lashes for a playful twist on Wet Look Lashes, enhanced by the blue but more subtle than fully colored lashes. Adding blue tips to Wet Look lashes not only takes this popular style up a notch but also softens the overall look by toning down the intensity of all-black extensions.

Model wearing ombre blue eyelash extensions

There are so many ways to style ombre lash extensions, and we’ve just scratched the surface here! Not only are they perfect for your more daring clients, but they’re also perfect for festivals, events, and even lash competitions. Don’t forget to tag us in your ombre lash creations on Instagram—we can’t wait to see what you come up with!