Must-Have Nail Shades for a Beginner Nail Tech

Starting your nail business can be extremely expensive, so we’re always looking for ways to help you keep the cost down. As a beginner Nail Technician, it’s hard to know which colors to buy to kickstart your nail kit, as you want to cater to as many clients as possible without breaking the bank. So… we’ve put together a guide to which gel nail colors are absolute must-haves when you’re starting out.

Pink Nail Polish

This one’s a given, but you NEED a pink nail polish in your kit. Whether you are using it for a French manicure or a full pink nail, you will likely have clients reaching for this color a lot. With pink being such a common choice, we recommend you have a few different shades of pink nail polish. A baby pink is a must as well as a hot pink nail polish and a medium cool-toned pink to make sure you cover all bases. As we said, pink nail polish will probably be the color you use most in your appointment so it’s a good idea to have a couple of different options.

Emerald Green Nail Polish

Emerald green nail polish is very on trend at the moment and doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. We love the shade ‘Louis’ as it’s super versatile and is the perfect shade of green. Think summertime freshly cut grass or wintery Christmas pine, this green is perfect all year round for a wide array of inspiration. Not only is it very popular as a color on its own, but it’s an essential for nail art. You’d be surprised how many designs need a shade of green! Try out 'Money Green' or 'Louis' for a gorgeous emerald green nail polish.

An image of nails with emerald green nail polish

Top Tip: Try an emerald green nail polish as a colored French tip! It’s our favorite!

Blue Nail Polish

Another must-have color in your gel nail kit is a couple of shades of blue nail polish. Blue nails are super popular, with brighter shades being a top choice in the summer months, and deeper shades in the winter months. Cobalt blue nail polish is a client-favorite so we always recommend having one in your kit - it’s the perfect color for clients who want something bright and fun. It’s also a good idea to have a baby blue and a navy blue as we guarantee you’ll get lots of requests for these shades. 

Red Nail Polish

Red nail polish is a classic and timeless color that every beginner should have in their nail kit. It elevates any manicure making a bold statement. This versatile color can be worn on various occasions, from formal events to casual outings, making it a staple choice. We know some client’s that have red nail polish day in and day out and never stray! Red nails complement a wide range of skin tones and are one of the most popular nail colors all year round - even more so at Christmas time! The image below uses 'Mean Business', a Miss Dolla best-seller!

An image of red nail polish

Nude Nail Polish

Do we even need to mention this one?! Everyone needs a couple of nude shades in their gel nail kit as a beginner. As your career progresses, it’s likely you’ll end up with more nude nail polishes than you can count, but when you’re starting out we suggest purchasing a warm nude and a cool nude. People are surprisingly picky about their nude nail preference as different tones suit different skin types. That’s not a bad thing, as a Nail Tech you should have a wide range to offer for your different clients, the bigger the range, the more clients you’ll have. Having a choice of a couple of different undertones is the best way to keep everyone happy! Try‘Laid Bare’ and‘Ambition’ - the perfect nude nail polish shades.

an image of nude nails using nude nail polish

Getting a solid foundation for your gel nail kit is super important to ensure you can cater to a large client base, however, we know tempting it is to get excited and order every gel nail color in the collection! Just stick to these basic colors that you know will be staples and you can add to your kit as your business grows! Shop the whole Miss Dolla collection here and remember to tag@miss_dolla_nails if you post any gorgeous nail pics!