Premade Lash Fans: The Lowdown

How Much Does a Set with Premade Fans Cost, and How Should You Set Your Prices for a Treatment? 

This is a question we get asked A LOT - how do you set your prices for an eyelash extensions treatment? Is it any different setting the prices for a set created with Premade Fans?

Well, like many aspects of our job as a lash tech, it can vary quite a bit from salon to salon, region to region etc., so it can be super confusing when it comes to pricing your lash sets in general, let alone with products like premade fans which can work out a little more expensive fan by fan, but save you a lot of time… so how do you price them? 

The first thing you’ll need to do is to work out how much each individual fan costs - I’ve done this for you to save you some time, but I’ll let you know how I did it in case you want to check it out for yourself and/or add it onto your own treatment costs. 

Take the cost of a box of fans, and then divide that price by the number of fans. Once you have this, we’re going to multiply that value by 200 as this is the average number of lashes that our clients have. That gives us the cost per treatment for premade fans.

Now just add this on to the cost of the other products you’ll be using for the cost. 

When it comes to pricing your sets, you’d of course take into account the products that you’re using and the associated costs, but you need to also consider:

  • Your bills - you need to ensure that your bills are covered at the very least; if you haven’t already, sit and note down all of your monthly expenses, and then divide that by week/day - how many clients do you need to treat to be able to cover those expenses and take a salary? 
  • Your time - how much are youworth? If you’ve taken lots of courses or won awards, increase your prices! Display your certificates and awards in your work area and/or on your social media so people know they’re coming to someone who is certifiablyamazing!
  • Your product costs - you need to be able to cover what you use - if you start using more products (let’s say you increase your pretreatment routine from foam cleanser only to our full 5 step routine) and/or if your product quality improves (for example, you swap from loose premade fans from eBay to premade fans you can trust to be as close to flawless as possible!) then it’s in your best interest to increase your prices! 
  • What are similar treatments priced at in your region? There are some debates as to whether your region should affect your pricing, but having lived in London and Bolton (Greater Manchester) I can safely say that the vast majority of treatments cost more in London than they do even in central Manchester - there’s no harm in checking out what local salons are charging and using that as a starting point. If you’re sitting at a higher price point that’s absolutely fine - again, you should charge what YOU are worth! 

Once you’ve covered this, consider as well that you can actually charge more for a set using premade fans, even though it doesn’t take as long! How often do you pay a little bit more for faster shipping or an express dry cleaning service? 

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