Premade Lash Fans: Everything You Need to Know | How Much Should You Charge for Eyelash Extensions Using Premade Fans?

One of the most common questions we hear from Lash Technicians is about pricing. Specifically, how should you price eyelash extension treatments that use premade fans? Pricing can vary significantly from one salon to another and from one region to another, making it quite perplexing when setting rates for lash services—especially when using premade fans, which might cost more per fan but save significant time. Let’s discuss it! 

Lash extensions look with premade lash fans

Calculating Costs for Premade Fans

The first step in pricing is understanding your costs and working out how much each individual lash fan costs. Here’s a simplified way to calculate the cost of premade fans for a single treatment:

  1. Cost per Fan: Start with the total cost of a box of premade fans. Divide this by the number of fans in the box to get the cost per fan.

  2. Average Lashes per Client: Multiply the cost per fan by 200—this is the average number of lashes per client—to find the total cost of fans per treatment.

Lastly, you'll need to add this cost to the expense of other products you'll use during the treatment.

Premade volume lash extensions in a lash tray

Setting Your Prices

When determining what to charge for your services, you need to consider several factors:

Operational Costs/Bills: First, ensure you can cover your overhead. List all your monthly bills, divide by the number of working days in a month, and figure out how many clients you need to treat to cover these costs and pay yourself a salary.

Your Time and Expertise: What is your time worth? If you have extensive training or have received awards, don’t be shy about charging more. Prominently display your qualifications in your work area or on social media to reinforce your expertiseso people know they’re coming to someone who is certifiably amazing!

Picking up a premade volume lash fan with lash tweezers

Product Costs: The quality and quantity of the products you use also dictate your prices. If you’ve recently enhanced your pretreatment routine or upgraded to higher-quality products (like shifting from generic loose premade fans to top-notch ones), consider adjusting your prices accordingly.

Local Market Rates: While there's some debate over regional price differences, it's undeniable that prices can vary based on location. For example, treatments typically cost more in more central places like New York City compared to smaller cities. It’s best to research what local salons charge to gauge where your prices should fall. If you are charging a higher price point, that's absolutely fine. You should charge what you are worth!

Premade 5D volume lash fans in tray

Charging a Premium for Efficiency

Despite the reduced application time, premade fans can justify higher prices because they offer efficiency—much like paying extra for expedited shipping or quicker service in other industries. We hope that this guide has helped you to navigate the complexities of pricing treatments that incorporate premade lash fans, ensuring your business remains profitable while providing excellent service!


Explore our selection of high-quality premade lash fans and consider how you can implement these pricing strategies in your salon!