Textured Tweezers 🤝 Textured Lashes | How Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers Will Up Your Lash Game, Whatever the Set!

We know you (like us) are obsessed with those wispy, textured lash sets – we’ve published a few guides on how to do wispy lash sets if you’re looking to sharpen your skills, but otherwise, let’s have a look at how exactly using Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers will benefit you in your endeavors to create the best wispy lash sets ever!

What Are Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, we should probably go over what exactly fiber tip lash tweezers are. Put simply, fiber tip tweezers have a bit more going on in the tip region than your standard pair of lash extensions tweezers. 

If you look at the inside of the tips, you’ll see that instead of being smooth, there is a diamond patterned hex texture which is designed to provide extra grip, which is pretty perfect for creating any lash set! 

Why is Grip Important?

However long you’ve been offering eyelash extensions as a treatment, you’re sure to know just how important great grip is where your lash tweezers are concerned. Grip comes into play more with volume lashes, but it’s still super important for classic lashes, and for things like separating stickies so having tweezers that you can absolutely rely on to be excellent for anything you need them to be is paramount to having a great day lashing, and wanting to find a new career path. 

What Makes Them Great for Textured Looks? 

Like we said, they’re great for pretty much everything. The reason that we picked textured lashes specifically is that a lot of the time, wispy lashes will be accomplished using a mixture of classic lashes, volume lashes, and sometimes closed fans, so you need tweezers that are up to absolutely any task imaginable. 

Which Pair is Best for You?

If you want a pair that does EVERYTHING you’d do well to pick up a pair of Multifunctional Tweezers – they isolate, separate stickies and pick up classic lashes, and they’re even great for making quick 2D volume fans. Due to their very slim foot, they’re also the best choice for use with Easy Fanning Lashes as well. 

If you’re making bigger fans by hand, Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are great to have on hand for any fanning technique, but particularly for the pinching method as the thinner tips allow you to see clearly the fan that you’re creating. They’re also a great choice for use with premade volume fans due to the specific way you need to pick them up from the strips. 

Finally, Regular Tip Volume Tweezers will be great for those of you who prefer to make your fans on the strip. While they can create fans in any way you choose, the thicker foot gives you an extra level of control when picking your fans up from the strip, and that added texture means that there’s no chance of any lashes on the edges of your fans getting left behind.

Lastly, before you go and expand your tweezer collection, just be careful that you immediately clean any glue off of your tweezer tips that might sneak onto them, as you’ll have a harder time cleaning glue out of those grooves than you normally would with a smooth pair. If some glue does dry, just let them sit in your Glue Remover for Tweezers for a little while and then give them some extra attention with the foam balls to really give them a thorough cleanse!