Floral, Pastel, and Bold: The Best Nail Trends for Spring 2024 | Elevate Your Spring Style with These Trending Nail Designs

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of new beginnings, and, of course, the latest in nails! This season, we're seeing an exciting mix of aesthetics—from the understated elegance of minimalistic manis to the pops of color that strawberry nails provide. As a Nail Technician, staying ahead of the curve and embracing these trends will not only entice your clients into your salon but also set your services apart. Let's dive into the top eight spring nail trends for 2024 that are making waves, and your clients will be asking for in the upcoming months.

Nude gel nails

1. Chrome Nails

Yes, chrome nails are nothing new, but they are making a revival! The glazed donut look has taken a bold step forward, evolving into a mesmerizing chrome finish. This season, it's all about nude chrome for those who prefer subtlety, pastel chrome for a pop of spring color, and bold silver chrome for a statement look. Keep an eye out, especially for lavender chrome nails, as their virality is going crazy on social media at the moment, throwing us back to the early ‘00s ‘frost’ nail days, but with a colorful twist. These reflective finishes offer a futuristic feel to classic spring nails, providing a high-shine counterpart to the season's softer trends.

Lavender chrome nails
Lavender Chrome Nails by the Talented Melanie Graves @overglowedit

2. Floral Nail Art

Spring and floral designs go hand in hand, and 2024 is no exception. In fact, according to Ripe, cited in Glamour Magazine, there has been a 250% year-on-year rise in Google searches of “bright floral nails.” This year, floral nail art is blooming with creativity, featuring everything from intricate, hand-painted blossoms to bold, abstract floral 3D designs created using acrylic. These designs can range from delicate to dramatic, making them perfect for clients looking to add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to their aesthetic nails. If bright florals are your clients' vibe, and you’re determined to recreate their inspo pictures, take a look at our Guide to Gel Nail Brushes to learn how.

Flower nail art
Floral Nails by the Talented @pearliepressed

3. Colorful French Tips

French tip nails are getting a colorful makeover this spring. Moving away from the traditional white tips, now is the time for Nail Technicians to dip their brushes into a palette of vibrant hues to create eye-catching, colorful French tips. Of course, mastering the art of perfecting a French tip comes first, but this trend offers a playful yet sophisticated way to incorporate spring’s lively color palette into your nail designs, whether that be pastel yellows, purples, or green.

Pink French tip nails
Pink French Tip Nails by the Talented @nadia_nail_nch

4. Jelly Nails

Are you ready for this jelly? Jelly nails are back and better than ever, with a translucent, candy-like appearance that's perfect for spring. Achieved using builder gel or rubber bases, these nails can be customized with a range of spring-inspired colors, from soft pastels to juicy brights, creating a look that's as fun as it is chic. This sheer and jelly-like appearance is whatPinterest is calling “a whole mood,” pinning the trend on Gen Z and Millennials, who are loving the “squishy aesthetic.”

Blue jelly nails
Incredible Blue Jelly Nails by the Talented Esther Rezvani @nails_byesther

5. 3D Nail Designs

Spring 2024 is seeing a rise in 3D nail designs, with Nail Artists sculpting everything from acrylic flowers to creative free-hand swirls using 3D gel. These designs add depth and dimension to any set of nails, offering a creative way to bring both cute and unconventional spring nail designs to life. Whether it's a single accent nail or a full set of sculptural art, 3D designs have been cropping up for the past year, but are sure to turn heads this spring.

Mermaid 3D nails
Mermaid 3D Nails by Our Miss Dolla Ambassador @kovalenko_nails

6. Minimalistic Manis

Minimalism finds its way into spring nail trends with elegant, understated designs. Think nails adorned with subtle dotwork, linework, or simple hand-painted designs. These designs prove that sometimes, less really is more, offering a refined and sophisticated option for clients who prefer their spring nail designs to whisper rather than shout.

Silver chrome nail art
A Minimalistic Mani by Miss Dolla Ambassador @kovalenko_nails

7. Strawberry Nails

The strawberry makeup trend has had its moment, and what better trend to take its place than strawberry nails, because who can resist the charm of strawberry nails? This adorable trend captures the essence of spring with its cute, berry-inspired designs. From tiny strawberry decals to hand-painted fruit patterns, these nails are perfect for clients looking to add a sweet, playful touch to their nails this spring–and we’re here for it!

Starwberry Nails
French Tip Almond Nails with Strawberry Nail Art by the Talented @byjadebarnes

8. Pink and Red Nails

Last but certainly not least, pink and red nails are making a bold statement this spring. Although Valentine’s has been and gone, the monochromatic hues of reds and pinks have not. This trend embraces the full spectrum of pink and red shades, from soft blushes to deep crimsons, offering a versatile palette for your clients to choose from. Whether combined in an ombre effect, hand painted swirl patterns for a funky 70s vibe, or simple, solid colors, these hues are sure to add warmth and vibrancy to any look. 

Pink and red nails
Pink & Red Abstract Nails by the Talented @charsgelnails_

As we embrace the freshness of spring 2024, you can take these eight nail trends and run with them! From reflective chrome nails to playful strawberry designs, there's something for every client's taste. Not to mention, with the addition of these trending nails, your Instagram feed will truly stand out from the rest. So, grab your tools and let your creativity bloom this spring!