Why You Need a Tweezer Holder In Your Life!

It might seem like a cute but unnecessary extra - all it does is hold your lash tweezers, right? Well sure, but let’s take a closer look at the subtle impact something as simple as a tweezer holder can have on your lash treatments, and on your business as a whole! 

No More Dropping Your Lash Tweezers!

It’s something we all joke about day to day, whilst also being the recurring nightmare that wakes us up in the dead of night in a cold sweat. Dropping your tweezers is like dropping a slice of buttered toast - it will always land on the bit you want to touch the floor least! It only takes a little knock and that’s it - your ride or die tweezers are destined for the big tweezer farm in the sky.

The reality of it is that it’s so easy to drop your tweezers, and so avoidable! When we’re putting down our isolation tweezers what do the vast majority of us do? We just pop it onto the pillow. That’s all so well and good but then our client stretches, or talks with their hands and sends those tweezers tip first right into the floor below. 

So what do we do then? What if we don’t have another pair? There’s nothing we can use instead that’s as good as tweezers for isolation or placement of eyelash extensions, so it may be that we have to stop the appointment part way through - if it’s the beginning of the day we might have to cancel the rest of our appointments that day, and for the next morning while we hope and pray that our new pair will arrive in the morning. What if that happens on a Friday afternoon? Do we really want to cancel all of our weekend appointments when we could have just put our tweezers in a handy little holder designed just for them? 

A Lash Tweezer Holder Helps with Organization!

Think about the last time you went for any kind of beauty treatment - was the salon nice and tidy? If it wasn’t, did it impact how you felt about having your treatment there? Let’s face it, our first impression is based on what we see, so we always need to make sure that the first thing a client sees is perfection! 

Laying your tweezers out in a row on your trolley might make them easy to access, but does it give your client the impression that they’re beautifully clean and super hygienic? Probably not, and that will impact how they feel about your salon and their overall experience going forwards. 

Storing your tools properly will show that you possess a high level of professionalism - at least on a subconscious level your client will know thy are in safe hands.  

Your Tweezers will Live Forever!

Obviously leaving your lash tweezers on any surface runs the risk of them being dropped - we’ve covered that and it’s hardly a secret! Something you might not have considered however, is how a pair of eyelash extensions tweezers can become tarnished if they’re left out. 

You take care after each treatment to clean your tweezers, and you may even use an autoclave to fully sterilise your tweezers too, so you need to take care to ensure they are completely dry, and put away properly to avoid any tarnishing! 

As much as tarnishing on your lash tweezers makes them look ugly, and also makes them look dirty and unhygienic - even if you clean them really well - it can even affect how well they work! If the tarnishing is on the foot of the tweezers, ie. the part that grips the lashes, you’re going to have trouble picking them up, and will ultimately need to replace them.

Tweezers are one of the few parts of your lash kit that you really don’t need to replace; they don’t expire or run out, unless you pull on them they won’t become looser, and their tips will never bend by themselves - if anything, they get better with age! Sure, you might treat yourself to a new pair during a sale or just because you fancy a new colour, but ultimately you’re likely to be using your first pair of tweezers ten years down the line if you look after them properly! 

The truth is that without tweezers, we’d simply not be able to do lash extensions at all, so it is absolutely fundamental that we take the best possible care of them! You keep your glue safe in an airtight container, and you put the lashes back in their little boxes when you’re not using them, so let’s start affording our tweezers the same luxury of ultimate care and protection.