Thin Base Coat

Our thin base coat will provide the perfect base for any gel polish manicure. When applied to the nail, following the pH Bond, the thin Miss Dolla Base Coat will provide the perfect balanceof strong adhesion and smooth surface for a bespoke gel polish manicure. Non-damaging to the nail bed and easy to soak off, this Thin Base Coat is a salon must have!

  • UV/LED curable
  • Easy application
  • Creates a strong adhesion with gel polish and natural nail
  • Essential before the application of any gel nail polish
  • Smooth the surface of the nails
  • Clear colour
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • Recommended to use with Miss Dolla pH Bond
  • 8ml bottle

How to use:

  1. Always wash and sanitise hands and nails before the treatment. Dust, dirt or oils can influence the retention.

  2. Prep the nail bed by pushing back the cuticles using an orange nail stick or cuticle pusher. Trim the cuticles with cuticle nippers/scissors if necessary. 
  3. Shape the nails into the desired shape using a 180 grit nail file, then gently buff the nails using 220/240 grit nail file to remove any shine and smooth the surface.

  4. Brush all dust and residue off, then soak lint-free wipes with an alcohol based nail prep solution and wipe and rub each nail, carefully removing any leftovers.

  5. Apply Miss Dolla PH Bond to adjust the PH of the nail plate to create the perfect base for a strong adhesion.

  6. Apply a thin layer of the Miss Dolla Base Coat, ensuring you seal the free edge of the nail.

  7. Cure the Miss Dolla Base Coat under a LED or UV lamp. Cure for 30 secs/1 min under LED light and 2 mins under UV light.

  8. Start the application of the chosen colour of Miss Dolla Gel Polish.

Base Coat Ingredients:

Acrylates Copolymer, HEMA, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Dimethicone, Tris-bht Mesitylene