When and Why to Use Premade Volume Fans

When and why would you prefer premade fans to handmade ones? As a lash technician, you are the best person to understand how occasionally you must be flexible and adjust to the circumstances. To get through the summer, you may need to hunt for a faster-acting lash glue and sometimes means you may also want to use premade lash fans in a lash set rather than making each fan by hand. Here are a few instances where buying pre-made volume fans over handmade ones is the better move!

Individual premade lash fans placed upright

Better Coverage in Less Time!

We've all experienced having a client rush in and inquire about the length of the appointment since they accidentally double booked themselves and need to leave in an hour. In the past, in order to satisfy that client and still save time, you might have had to choose a set of hybrid lash extensions or just less coverage. When using premade fans rather than making and using handmade fans, you can cut the length of your treatment by up to 50%!

This gives you more time for better coverage and allows you to continue with our whole pretreatment procedure and properly check for stickies. You won't ever have to worry about sacrificing quality in order to make and apply a few more fans.volume lash extensions on a lash models eyes

Infill vs Full Set

Similarly, it's not uncommon for a client to book an infill only to arrive on the day with only a few fans left, expecting to leave with a full and fluffy set. While charging for a full set and explaining the difference between an infill and a full set is definitely in your best interests, you can cover a few more lashes with premade volume lash fans than you would with handmade fans.

Let's say a client requests mega volume lashes and comes to you with a tonne of natural lashes. This would typically take a lot of time with handmade fans because you'd probably want to cover at least 80% of those lashes, but with premade fans, you're saving so much time that you can spend getting 100% coverage if you'd like to! You benefit because it's less stressful, and your customer benefits greatly because they get to leave with the finest set of eyelashes they've ever had!

Picking up a premade lash fan with lash tweezers

Last but not least, you could say that using premade volume fans is always a good idea because they speed up treatment, boost total revenue, and give your clients exactly what they want, including the same high quality finish they have come to know, love, and expect from you—amazing coverage and retention!