Popular Gel Nail Color Predictions for 2024: Get Ahead of The Trends

With any new year, we can’t be sure where nail trends will take us, but we’re pretty sure that we have a good idea already! We’re here to give you some insider information to help you stay ahead of the curve this year and be prepared for the trends that are about to arrive. Let's dive into the colors that will define 2024, ensuring you’re ready for all of your clients’ requests.

Applying miss dolla gel nail polish

Embracing Nature: Earthy Tones Take Center Stage

This year, we're already witnessing a remarkable shift towards colors inspired by the natural world. Earthy tones are not just a trend; they're a statement of elegance and a movement towards embracing natural beauty.

  1. Moss Green: A Versatile Must-Have

Moss green is set to be a top pick for its calming and versatile nature. This spring, try a color that works wonders in any finish, be it glossy for a vibrant look or matte for a more subdued elegance. This shade is perfect for clients seeking a touch of organic beauty in their style and will be a hit all year round.

Moss green nail polish for gel nails
  1. Dusty Rose: The Epitome of Sophistication

Dusty Rose is a classic that never fades. It's a color that exudes romance and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for weddings or events as well as everyday elegance. Its versatility allows for creative combinations and designs, ensuring a timeless appeal. We recommend 'Good Girl' from the Miss Dolla range.

  1. Warm Terracotta: Bold and Earthy

Warm terracotta is for those who dare to make a statement. This rich shade is perfect for clients who want to stand out with a bold yet warm look. It's a color that brings a sense of warmth and comfort, ideal for any season whilst still having that natural feel that everyone loves.

Pink nail polish in front of a beige background

Classic Reds and Pinks: Timeless Elegance

Reds and pinks are making a powerful comeback, with people embracing their femininity and ‘girlhood’.

  1. Deep Cherry Red: A Bold Classic

Deep cherry red is a symbol of confidence and sophistication. This universally flattering shade is a must-have in any Nail Technician's gel nail kit, perfect for clients who want to make a bold yet classic statement. This shade is all the rage on TikTok, and we expect it to continue to grow this year! Try 'Kiki' for the perfect deep red gel polish.

Cherry red nail polish from Miss Dolla for gel nails
  1. Vibrant Coral Pink: The Cheerful Trendsetter

Coral pink, a lively blend of pink and orange tones, is poised to be a favorite. It's a vibrant, energetic color that's perfect for spring and summer, offering a cheerful touch to any nail design. 

Pastel coral nail polish for summer nails

The Futuristic Appeal of Metallics and Glitters

Metallics and glitters are transcending seasonal boundaries, becoming a year-round trend for those who love a bit of sparkle and shine.

  1. Silver Chrome: Sleek and Modern

Silver chrome is a nod to the future, offering a sleek, modern look. It's a choice for the bold and fashion-forward, perfect for making a statement that's both contemporary and stylish.

Silver chrome nails
  1. Gold Glitter: The Touch of Glamour

Gold glitter brings luxury and festivity to any nail design. Whether used as an accent or a standalone color, it adds a glamorous touch, perfect for special occasions or for clients who love to stand out in their everyday lives. Every Nail Technician needs a gold glitter nail polish in their nail kit. Check out 'Glitter Queen'.

Gold nail polish with rose gold glitter

The Soothing Charm of Pastels

We’re expecting to see pastels take the nail world by storm this year, with a special emphasis on cooler, more soothing shades.

  1. Baby Blue: Serenity and Style

Baby blue is a tranquil and stylish choice, offering a serene and elegant look. It's particularly popular in spring, pairing beautifully with floral designs and soft, feminine styles. Miss Dolla, 'Kiss and Tell' is the perfect choice for this trend!

  1. Lavender: Whimsical and Feminine

Lavender is a dreamy pastel that's gaining traction. Its whimsical and feminine appeal makes it a favorite for clients who prefer a softer, more enchanting look. Pair this with a Matte top coat finish for a velvety look, giving the lavender the perfect emphasis of both color and texture.

Lavender nail polish for gel nails

2024 is set to be a year of diverse and exciting nail trends. From the calming earthy tones to the bold metallics and the femininity of reds and pinks, there's a color for every client and occasion. As Nail Technicians, embracing these trends, mastering the art of application, and understanding client needs will ensure you stay at the top of your game.

Check out the entire Miss Dolla range to get your gel nail kit stocked up and ready to go this year! Let's make 2024 a year to remember in the world of gel nail colors!