Embracing TikTok's Latest Nail Art Designs: A Must-Read for Nail Technicians

As a Nail Technician, as you probably know, it's essential to stay on top of the latest trends, especially those emerging from TikTok. This platform has become a trendsetter in nail art, inspiring a myriad of unique and creative designs. In this guide, we delve into specific TikTok nail art trends of 2023, offering both educational insights and creative inspiration for Nail Technicians aiming to keep their work fresh and on-trend. 

Model holding a gel bottle

TikTok: A Beacon for Nail Art Creativity

TikTok's influence in setting nail art trends is undeniable. For Nail Technicians, tapping into these trends is key to attracting a younger, style-conscious clientele and keeping your services in high demand. It’s highly likely that your clients will be getting their nail inspiration from TikTok, so being able to showcase that you are able to create these designs and know what your clients are referencing when they come to you will help you gain a consistent client base and a loyal one at that!

  1. Cherries and Chillies

Cherry and chili designs are hugely popular, offering a delightful blend of sweet and spicy motifs. Cherries, with their glossy red appearance and cute, paired presentation, bring a touch of retro charm and playful femininity to any manicure. On the other hand, chili designs add a bold and fiery element, ideal for those looking to make a statement. Both of these designs often feature vibrant reds and greens for a little pop of color. Whether used as a one-off accent on a French manicure or as a collage of decals, cherry and chili designs are a creative way to add personality and some fun flair!

French nails with cherries

Work by @beautybykeirax 

  1. Abstract Face Line Art

Minimalist yet striking, abstract face-line art is a trend that combines simplicity with a touch of sophistication. These designs often feature continuous line drawings of faces or silhouettes for a classic look. Think Picasso with his iconic and timeless abstract line silhouettes, perfect for any client who seeks sophistication with a touch of glamor. This design can be done in any color, but we find black lines to be the most effective. All you need for this nail art look is a fine liner brush!

Abstract nails with face silhouette nail art


Work by @jojoworkspace

  1. Y2K Revival: Butterfly Accents

The Y2K aesthetic is back, with butterfly accents and love hearts taking center stage in nail art. These designs range from subtle butterfly stickers to intricate hand-painted butterflies and heart outlines to flame hearts! For an added touch of Y2K, why not top coat any design with a clear glitter polish? These are perfect for clients nostalgic for early 2000s fashion.

Y2k nails

Work by @nailsbyfionasg on TikTok

  1. Botanical Themes

Botanical themes, especially intricate leaf and floral patterns, are blooming on TikTok. These designs often incorporate fine lines and delicate color palettes, appealing to clients who prefer a more natural, understated look. This design can also be created with stick-on decals and water transfers.

Botanical nail art designs
  1. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns, with their clean lines and sharp angles, are a hit among TikTok users. These designs can range from simple triangles and stripes to more complex polyhedral patterns, offering a modern and chic look.

Geometric nail designs

Work by @emilia_rose_beauty on Instagram

  1. Marble and Stone Effects

Marble and stone effect nails are a luxurious trend, mimicking the intricate patterns found in natural stone. This trend requires skill in blending and marbling techniques and can be created with any range of colors. Whether your client prefers nude nail shades or a pop of pink and purple nail polish, you can tailor this design to everyone! To swirl the gel polish, you will just need a liner nail brush.

Marble nails with glitter nail polish
  1. Pop Art and Comic Styles

Inspired by the vibrant world of pop art and comics, these designs feature bold colors and iconic comic-style illustrations. They're perfect for clients looking to add a playful and colorful touch to their nails and prefer a bolder, more maximalist look. This nail art will require a lot of skill and artistry, so it may not be for everyone! Always set yourself up for success and make sure you have the right nail tools.

pop art nails in a comic nails design

Work by @glitter_nail_cave on TikTok

  1. Holographic and Chrome Finishes

Holographic and chrome finishes are all the rage, offering a futuristic and eye-catching look. These finishes require specific products and techniques to achieve the desired high-shine, reflective effect. The most common way to achieve chrome nails is by dusting a chrome powder on to the nail once the gel polish has been cured. This can bring any design to life, whether it’s futuristic 3D nail art or simple French tips!

Chrome nails using chrome powder
Work by @nailsbypaular on TikTok
  1. Colored French Tips

Colored French tips are a chic and modern update to the classic French manicure. This trend involves replacing the traditional white tip with a pop of color, offering endless possibilities for customization. From pastel hues for a soft, elegant look to neon shades for a bold, eye-catching statement, colored French tips cater to a variety of styles and preferences. 

French nails with colored tips

For Nail Technicians, embracing these specific TikTok nail art trends is a fantastic way to showcase your versatility and creativity. Each trend offers a unique opportunity to explore different techniques and styles, ensuring your work remains at the cutting edge of the nail art world. By incorporating these trends into your repertoire, you can cater to a diverse range of client preferences, keeping your services innovative and in high demand. Shop the Miss Dolla gel nail polish shades to take your nail art to the next level!