Blueberry Milk Nails are Taking Over Social Media | Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Summer’s Hottest Nail Trend

As we swap our cozy knits for breezy linens, it's time to talk about the spring/summer's hottest trend that's making waves from the catwalks to the sidewalks: Blueberry Milk Nails. This deliciously named trend is the perfect blend of pastel hues and sheer, glossy color, offering a fresh take on summer nails that's both playful and polished. For Nail Technicians looking to expand their repertoire and offer their clients the latest nail trends, mastering the art of Blueberry Milk Nails is a must!

Blueberry milk nails with floral nail design
Blueberry Milk Nails with Cute Floral Designs by Sarah Haidar @heluviee

What Are Blueberry Milk Nails?

Blueberry nails are the breath of fresh air our summer needs. Moving away from the loud and proud neons of previous summers, this trend offers a versatile yet fun appeal. Imagine the delicate hue of blueberries blended with the sheer softness of milk, and you've got the essence of Blueberry Milk Nails. This trend is all about embracing light blue nails with a hint of milkiness, creating a look that's both refreshing and refined. Whether your clients are after a full manicure in this dreamy shade or a modern twist on the classic French manicure with blueberry tips, there's no denying the versatility and appeal of this trend.

Why Blueberry Milk Nails?

Blueberry nails are not just a fleeting trend, they're a statement of style that resonates with the light-heartedness of summer and the freshness of spring nails. They offer a unique alternative to the traditional summer palette, providing a soft yet impactful look that can complement any outfit or occasion. A-listers are loving this trend, from Sophia Richie to Zendaya and Sabrina Carpenter, celebs are flaunting Blueberry Milk Nails across their platforms. If they’re obsessed, then so are we, and so will your clients be! Recommending this trend to your clients is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise and creativity, ensuring they leave your salon with a set of nails that are not just beautiful but also very on-trend.

Blueberry milk gel nail polish
 Stunning Blueberry Milk Nails by @lookbyeloise

Getting Those Perfect Blueberry Milk Tips

Creating that gorgeous blueberry milk look is all about having the right goodies in your toolkit. And guess what? Miss Dolla has got your back!

We recommend these products from Miss Dolla to tap into this viral Tiktok trend:

Blue French tip nails
Stunning Blue French Tip Manicure by Vivian Marie Wong @vivianmariewong

Start with a Base: Begin with the Rubber Base Coat and cure – this is essential for any gel nail application. Then go in with your 01 French Gel Nail Polish, a milky white translucent gel nail polish that creates the perfect canvas for your blueberry milk masterpiece.

Choose Your Blue:For the quintessential blueberry milk hue, opt for the Opal Gel Nail Polish. This milk-toned baby blue gel nail polish with shimmer captures the essence of the trend perfectly. For a slightly deeper summer blue that still fits within the theme, the Kiss & Tell Gel Nail Polish is the perfect choice.

Application Tips: Apply your chosen blue polish over the cured base, working to create a seamless blend that captures the lightness and depth of blueberry milk. Consider using a sponge for an ombre effect, create blueberry milk French tips, or keep it simple with a full nail of color. The key is to achieve that soft finish that makes this trend so captivating. If you want a milkier look, rather than applying your 01 French Gel Nail Polish as an underlay, instead apply the sheer white overtop of your blue nail color.

Seal the Deal: Seal the look with a top coat for longevity and a glossy finish that makes the color pop. For clients looking for something extra, consider adding a few minimalist nail art designs or accents that complement the blueberry milk theme.

Blueberry milk nails with floral nail art
Gorgeous Blueberry Milk Nails by Jen Seales @swaknails

Is This Trend a Win for Nail Techs?

Offering the latest nail trends is a fantastic way to enhance your services and keep your clients coming back for more. Blueberry Milk Nails are a trend that you can provide that is also a testament to your commitment to staying at the forefront of beauty. It's an opportunity to engage your clients in a conversation about beauty trends, share your expertise, and ultimately, promote your services.


Blueberry Milk Nails are the summer fling we didn't know we needed. They're fun, they're fresh, and they're oh-so-Instagrammable. They are set to be this summer's standout trend, offering a creative and fashionable take on manicures that's both alluring and accessible. By jumping on this trend, you can spice up your offerings and keep clients in the loop with what's hot. So, why not give it a whirl? Your clients (and your Instagram feed) will thank you!