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Rubber Base Coat 15ml - 01 Clear

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Our Hema Free Rubber Base coat gives a perfectly smooth surface for gel polish application whilst providing flexibility to the nail itself. Designed to sculpt and strengthen uneven and brittle nails, whilst providing coating toughness, elasticity and maximum wear resistance. Miss Dolla Rubber Base is designed to give extra strength to flaky, brittle, thinor splitting nails.

  • UV/LED curable
  • HEMA free
  • Sculpts and smooths the nail surface
  • Strengthens weak and brittle nails
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Flexible to bend with the nail - no more chipped edges!
  • Creates a strong adhesion with gel polish and natural nail
  • Essential before the application of any gel nail polish
  • Recommended to use with Miss Dolla pH Bond
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • Clear colour
  • 15ml bottle