The ULTIMATE Guide to Classic Lash Extensions!

If you've been a lash technician for any length of time, chances are you know that classic lash extensions are one of the most popular services that you can offer your clients. Classic lashes are a timeless look that can be customized to each individual's taste and face shape, and they are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. In this article, we will give you a complete guide to classic lash extensions, from the basics of the service to more advanced techniques. If you’re a client (or a potential client) who has some questions, you’re highly likely to find the answers to your questions here too! 

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What Are Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic lash extensions are individual synthetic lashes that are applied to your natural lashes with a special lash adhesive for eyelash extensions. Classic lash extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths, thicknesses, and curls, so you can customize the look based on your client’s preferences.

Classic lash extensions are also referred to as “single-lash extensions” because each individual synthetic lash is applied to a single natural lash. This contrasts with volume lash extensions, which are multiple synthetic lashes that are applied to a single natural lash in a fan formation.

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How Are Classic Lash Extensions Applied?

The application process for classic lash extensions takes anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 hours, depending on the number of lashes being applied. During the appointment, your client will lie down on a comfortable bed or reclining chair and close their eyes while you work. It is important to keep their eyes closed throughout the entire process so that they do not get any adhesive in their eyes, and to avoid chemical burns.

To begin with, start by cleansing the natural lashes and removing any makeup residue, skincare products or oils. Once you have completed your pretreatment routine and have mapped out your lash set, you can begin applying your lashes. With your non-dominant hand, isolate the natural lash you want to exten, and with your dominant hand, dip your individual lash extension into your glue for eyelash extensions using your tweezers, and apply it to the isolated lash 0.5-1mm away from the lash line. 

Continue this process until all of the lashes have been applied, spending 10-15 minutes at the end of your treatment time to check for stickies in your lash set.

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How Do You Care For Classic Lash Extensions?

Once your client has their classic lash extensions, it’s important to give them aftercare instructions so that their lashes stay healthy and looking their best. Here are some tips for aftercare: 

  • Use oil-free makeup removers and cleansers on the lashes. Oil can come between the bond between the extension and the natural lash, causing the extension to slide off prematurely. 
  • Be gentle when brushing through the lashes or removing makeup. Use a soft bristle brush or your fingers when cleansing to avoid tugging on the lashes and causing them to fall out prematurely. 
  • Avoid using mascara, waterproof eyeliner, or any other products that contain oils or other ingredients that can weaken the bond between the extension and natural lash. 
  • Don’t pick at or pull on the extensions, as this can cause damage to both the extension and natural lash. 

How Long Do Classic Lash Extensions Last?

Classic lash extensions are a popular choice for many clients looking to enhance their natural lashes. These types of extensions tend to be longer in length and have a more subtle look than other varieties, making them ideal for everyday wear. While some people might be concerned that classic lash extensions won't last long, the truth is that they can actually last for the entire growth cycle of the lashes, if you take good care of them. For starters, it's important to avoid touching your lashes too much or pulling at them, as this can weaken the bond between the extension and your natural lash. Additionally, it's important to cleanse your lashes every night before going to bed and to seek professional refills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash set looking fresh. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your classic extensions will last indefinitely!

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How Much Do Classic Lash Extensions Cost?

Classic lash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that can help to enhance the appearance of your lashes. These extensions are made of synthetic materials, and they are typically applied one at a time with a special lash adhesive. The cost of these extensions will depend on a number of different factors, including the quality of materials used and the skill level of the technician applying them. In general, however, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $50-$100 for a full set of classic lash extensions. Whether you opt for a budget-friendly option or choose to splurge on the highest-quality materials, it is important to find an experienced and qualified technician who can provide you with beautiful, long lasting results. So why wait? Head to your local salon today and treat yourself to long and luscious eyelashes!

How Long Does A Classic Lash Treatment Take?

The length of a classic lash treatment will depend on several factors, including the skill level of the technician and the type of lashes being applied, and how many natural lashes the client has. In general, a basic Classic Lash Extensions treatment can take anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

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How To Remove Classic Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking to remove your eyelash extensions, the first thing to note is that you cannot do it at home! Lash extensions removal must be done by a professional lash technician, using a specific remover. Removing a full set of classic lashes might be done if the lashes are old and need to be replaced, or in the event that a client has an allergic reaction to the lash extensions glue. Lash extensions remover breaks down the glue bonds allowing the lashes to slide off of the natural lashes after around 15 minutes.

If some lashes need to be removed for an infill appointment because they have grown out, the lash technician might simply use two pairs of lash extensions tweezers to peel the individual extensions off of the natural lashes

Lash removal is a delicate process, as it is important to avoid tugging or pulling on the natural lash hairs or on the sensitive skin around the eyes, and of course to keep the eyes safe. Once lashes are removed, it is possible to reapply a full set of lashes straight away, as long as the client did not have an allergic reaction.

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Classic Lashes vs Hybrid Lashes

When it comes to eyelash extensions, there are many different techniques and materials used to create them. On one hand, you have classic lashes, which are made from applying single eyelash extensions to individual natural lashes. These lashes are typically light and natural in appearance, making them a popular choice among those who prefer a more understated look. On the other hand, you have volume lashes, which are made from multiple eyelash extensions fanned out to create a thicker and fuller finish. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes, giving some extra thickness and density, without being quite so full of a look as volume. Though hybrid lashes can be more dramatic than classic lashes, they still offer much of the same natural-looking appeal. Ultimately, when choosing between classic and hybrid lashes, it often comes down to personal preference and desired effect. However you choose to wear your eyelashes, though, make sure you take good care of them so that they always look their best!

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Do Classic Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Own Lashes?

When eyelash extensions emerged as the treatment we know and love in the early 2010s, they were much thicker and weren’t applied as carefully as the eyelash extensions of today. Still, the stigma of eyelash extensions damage remains. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to what type of lash extensions are used, how they’re applied, and how the client subsequently looks after them. The eyelash extensions of today are much finer, and the techniques used to apply them are much safer ie. not too much glue being used, no stickies left unchecked, natural lashes isolated before lash extensions are applied, etc. -  take all of this into account and you’ll have NO damage to your natural lashes. 

Ultimately, whether Classic eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes is really up to the kind of treatment you choose to get. Remember, it's always important to consult with a trusted provider about their specific approach and methods for ensuring a safe and healthy experience for your own unique lashes - always check the reviews before you make your booking, and ensure you keep your lashes clean after treatment!

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Do Classic Lashes Look Natural?

Classic lashes are often favored by those who want a more natural look. Unlike their more dramatic counterparts, classic lashes often feature shorter extensions that blend in seamlessly with your existing lashes. They give you a soft and subtle appearance, without drawing too much attention to your eyes. Additionally, since they open up the eye area while still letting your own features shine through, they are ideal for everyday wear. So if you're looking for something that looks natural yet enhances your beauty, then classic lashes may be the perfect choice for you.

The Verdict On Classic Lash Extensions 

Classic lash extensions are a popular choice for many clients because they create a natural look that can be worn everyday. As a Lash Technician, it’s important to have a complete understanding of classic lash extensions before you apply them to your clients. We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you all of the information you need about classic lash extensions!