The Glamcor Capture: A Must-Have for Your Kit | What Is the New Glamcor Capture, and Why Do You Need It? 

Securing that perfect lash photo just got a whole lot easier. And let's face it, in the competitive world of lash artistry, a stunning photo can be the key to attracting new clients. Elevating the quality of your lash photography is not just beneficial; it's essential.

For a while, the Glamcor Multimedia has led the pack in lash photography, thanks to its affordability, superior quality, and portability. Its lightweight design and adjustable lighting options have made it a favorite among professionals. However, there's a new contender in town.

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Is It The Best Glamcor Light For Beginner Lash Techs?

Enter the Glamcor Capture, redefining what it means to be lightweight and portable. This innovative lamp doesn't require any floor space, thanks to its clamp that attaches directly to your beauty bed, so it's right where you need it, without being in the way.

Glamcor has long been a pioneer in the realm of beauty lighting, and the Capture is truly a game-changer for Lash Technicians. The Capture features an adjustable luminary arm to shine light precisely where it's needed, and a second arm equipped with a mobile phone holder, elevating your lash photos and videos to professional heights.

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The Specs Unveiled

The Glamcor Capture boasts five brightness levels, controlled by a conveniently located touch button at the end of the luminary, which houses 168 LED bulbs. Designed for heavy use, the Capture's bulbs stay cool, allowing you to pack up immediately after use. The lamp comes with a carry case that's both lightweight and durable, perfect for the Lash Artist on the go.

Its clamp base can attach to almost any beauty bed or lash cart, ensuring the light is always right where you need it. The arms are effortlessly adjustable, directing the light precisely, while the phone holder can bend and rotate, capturing your work from every angle!

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Cost Comparison: Is It Worth The Investment?

The Glamcor Multimedia is priced at $465—a worthy investment for its quality. But if you're just starting out, budget and space are often limited. The Glamcor Capture, on the other hand, is available at just $220. This significant price difference means you can allocate the saved funds towards additional lash supplies or other business growth areas—a win-win situation for you! 

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The best part? Glamcor lights come with a one-year guarantee, covering the unlikely event of defects. Even beyond this period, Glamcor's dedicated team is committed to assisting you with any issues that may arise, ensuring your investment is protected.