PVC bed cover

Keep your treatment area looking clean and professional with London Lash PVC Beauty Bed Cover/Protector. 

Perfect for busy lash technicians and salons, it can be easily sanitised and cleaned for a practical and professional look and feel.

The wipeable PVC cover can be easily looked after and maintained between treatments, helping to maintain hygiene standards and prevent any accidents from creating long term damage to your beauty bed/couch.



- Clear protective beauty bed pvc sheet

- Easy to clean.Can save you time by not wasting time on laundry.You can directly clean it with antibacterial spray and water.

- Strong pvc sheet can effectively avoid cross-contamination, is safer and more sanitary.

- The bed sheet ideally fits a standard beauty bed / massage table.


Colour: Clear

Material: PVC

Sizes: 90x180 CM / 35x70 INCHES -- Suitable for standard beauty bed size



The crease lines on the PVC bed cover are appearing due to the long duration of the products being rolled up in the bag, as well as the cold UK weather hardening it, after it has been creased. Here are some recommendations on how to straighten the creases: 

1. Place PVC cover on the massage bed, and heat up gently with a hairdryer (make sure to move up and down with hairdryer at a medium pace, do NOT use too much heat or keep the hot air on one spot for too long). 

2. Use an iron on a low temperature setting and place a piece of cloth ON TOP of the PVC sheet. **Recommended only as a last resort, as it can damage and melt the product if not done carefully **