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Mini Individual Lash Kit 'Practice at Home'


Wondering how to lash faster? Practice the art of Lash Application from the Comfort of your own Home and improve your speed with our individual eyelash kit!

Our eyelash kit provides you with all the products you need to practice lash application without a model! Practice lash extension placement, directions, Russian Volume fans and much more! Master your skills after your eyelash extension training!

The individual eyelash kit has savings of up to 40%!

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Product details

Classic Lash Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Boxes of Chelsea Lashes (C 0.12 Mix / CC 0.18 Mix)
  • 2 pairs of tweezers (Curved-N13 and Straight - Silver 9 )
  • 1 x Bottle of Lady Bond glue 
  • 1 x Pack of Glue Stone Stickers
  • 1 x Box of Practice Lashes

*Please note that the photos of the lash kit are for illustrative purposes and actual contents may vary slightly based on the variant availability at the time of ordering.