Memory Foam Neck Pillow (2 different colors)


PILLOW CASES (WITHOUT PILLOWS) are available for purchase as well.

- super supportive lash pillow has been developed with yours and your clients' comfort in mind! 

- beautifully made, velvet finish extra comfy pillow

- the foam inside has even been tailored to not retain moisture, so will not affect the behaviour of your glues

- made from memory foam to provide ample comfort and support

- has been especially made with an ergonomic design for the best neck support

- gently sloping sides so that when the weight of a client's head is applied, the pillow will all be on one level, helping you to avoid your lash extension products rolling towards them during the eyelash extensions procedure

- enough room to keep your lash palette next to your client's head so you can lash faster

- the removable cover will add even more comfort, as well as an extra touch of luxury for the client and your workspace alike! 

- perfect fit for all eyelash extension beds

Also available in :

  • black
  • grey 

Pillow measurements: 67x57x20cm 

Washable: hand wash only. 

Get your matching bed cover here!


IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the size and weight of the product there will be a higher shipping cost for the delivery of this item. The final cost of the shipping will be calculated at the checkout.

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