Valerie Nah @beautygalval

Valerie is one of London Lash's biggest supporters.

She is the queen of mega volume lash looks and her positivity, humor and dedication is infectious!

Valerie loves the London Lash Superbonder, Regular Tip Tweezer for lash fanning and the Eye Patches when lashing in layers.

Rejie Palingayan @unfold.esthetics

Rejie is a wispy goddess!

Her signature wispy lash sets have driven hundreds of lash artists to line up for training.

Rejie's must-have products from London Lash are Mayfair Lashes in L Curl and the Nano Hydrogel Eye Patches.

Gloria Molina - Yoyis Lash&Beauty

Yoyis is a YouTube sensation!

Her lash tutorials, tips and tricks help other lash artists continue to learn, progress and become even more skilled and knowledgable.

We asked Yoyis what her favorite London Lash products are, and here they are!

Royal Bond glue and the Superbonder.

MacKenzie Graham @macklashmob

MacKenzie is a fierce supporter of helping you achieve your lash goals.

Not only does she help lash artists improve their skills, but also business + mindset!

MacKenzie's favorite London Lash products are the Matt Flat 0.07 Lashes and Retention & Speed Booster.

Abby Castillo @winkedandinkedbeauty

Abby is one of the original ambassadors of London Lash!

Her personality absolutely shines through (especially in her reels!) and she is one hell of a dedicated lash artist.

What are her fave LL products? The Cherry Cleanser and Retention & Speed Booster!

Olivia Kozloski @opulentlashartistry

Mega volume specialist, Olivia, is not only a bomb lash artist, but she helps with social media advice too!

From funny reels to educational tips, Olivia is a go-to Canadian name.

Her favorite London Lash products are the Chelsea Lashes and the Lash Primer.

Sarah Nguyen @lashbysarah

We are obsessed with Sarah's wispy and wet look lash sets! Her Instagram is an amazing portfolio of her work. 

We asked Sarah what her fave LL products are and she said "My two favorite products are the Mayfair line and the Flexie adhesive! The Mayfair gives off a beautiful bold finish and I love using it for my wet mascara look. I’ve provided it in my student training kits as well because of how much I love it. The flexie glue is amazing because it’s perfect for my environment and gives me enough time to wrap and ensure amazing retention!"

Wanda Math @wandaful_esthetics

Wanda's mission is to make woman feel even more confident while helping lash artists gain the confidence and knowledge to pursue their career in the lash industry.

Wanda's favorite London Lash products are the Nano Hydrogel Eye Patches & the Retention & Speed Booster!

Kassandra Navarrete @lashedbykassn

Strip lash look? Yes please! Kassandra slays when it comes to lashes - bold, dramatic and jaw-dropping.

The London Lash Cleanser & Mayfair 0.03 CC & L curl lash trays are the products she recommends! 

Vanessa Haro @winkedbynessa

Need some volume or mega volume inspo? Look no further! Vanessa provides the fluffiness of dreams.

Her 2 favorite products? She loves the Flexie Adhesive - the dry time and retention is amazing - Nano-Hydrogel Eye Patches are perfect they stay intact after prepping the client and great for layering.