MELANIE TEMPLE @glitzlashstudio

"I absolutely love the Power Bond Adhesive and the Superbonder! I use them for every client. I also love the hygrometer and how chic it looks in my room and I absolutely love the macro lens for a great up close detailed lash picture!"

MACKENZIE GRAHAM @itsmackenzieg

"I've been lashing since 2014 and specialize in mega volume and would like to think I specialize in relatable reels too LOL. I have a salon with 9 employees and we love London Lash products!"

OLIVIA KOZLOSKI @opulentlashartistry

"I have been lashing for almost 5 years! 0.03 is my favorite diameter and my specialty-  I love creating wispy wet/striplash styles and mega volume sets! 

Fave london lash products: Superbonder (duh!!), Primer, Booster, Royal Bond Adhesive, 0.07 Chelsea lashes."

ESTELLE SOK @FrenchTouched

"Born and raised in France, been lashing since 2020 and I specialize in Textured and Wispy sets!"


“Over the last four years, I have honed my craft in lash extensions through continuous learning, working and participating in competitions.

The products that I love: Flexie and Royal Bond glue, Mayfair Lashes, Lash Shampoo and Coloured Lashes."