Eyelash Extension Varieties | The Differences Between Each Type

Whether you're new to the lash scene or a seasoned pro, it's completely normal to be curious about the myriad eyelash extension types out there. Questions like "Why are they labeled 'Silk'?" or "Are they actually made of Mink?" and "What exactly is a flat lash?" or "What's the deal with easy fanning lashes?" are all par for the course.

Classic Mayfair Lashes in 0.15

What are Eyelash Extensions Made From?

Let's break it down in the simplest terms: all eyelash extensions available at LLP (and pretty much any reputable lash supplier in the industry nowadays) are crafted from a synthetic material known as PBT, a type of plastic commonly used in wiring. This material boasts durability, maintains its shape, is vegan-friendly, and hypoallergenic. So, it's a pretty impressive list of benefits!

In the very early days of eyelash extensions, real mink fur was an option. Minks are adorable little animals with incredibly soft fur; However, the use of real mink fur is, fortunately, a thing of the past. Not only was it inhumane, but real mink fur also failed to hold a curl, couldn't get wet, had inconsistent lengths, and often caused allergic reactions - the same goes for Silk and Cashmere. Nowadays, terms like Silk, Mink, and Cashmere are used to denote differences in appearance and texture – for instance, our Mink options are glossier, while Silk is more matte, though this can vary by brand.

making a volume lash fan with tweezers

Exploring the Different Types of Eyelash Extensions 

Mayfair (Mink): These deep black fibers boast a glossy sheen and a tapered end, and in a range of thickness from 0.03 to 0.25. This variety caters to any lash look, from a timeless Classic, refined style to an ultra-voluminous look. The glossy finish provides a striking, dramatic effect, perfect for clients seeking bold appearance.

Mayfair lash extensions

Chelsea (Silk): Featuring a matte black finish and tapered ends, these fibers deliver a softer, more natural look. Like Mayfair, Chelsea lashes are available in thicknesses from 0.04 to 0.25, meaning that they can accommodate a wide range of client preferences, particularly those desiring a subtle enhancement. 

Chelsea eyelash extensions

Flat/Ellipse Lashes: These lashes will be a revolutionary addition to your lash kit! Picture a standard 0.10 Classic lash that's been flattened – it appears wider, mimicking the look of a thicker 0.20 lash, yet maintains the lightness of the 0.10 lash. A 0.25 flat lash weighs about as much as a 0.15 classic lash, so you can up the drama on pretty much any client! This means clients with damaged, delicate, or sparse lashes can still enjoy a dramatic effect without the weight. Their concave shape ensures a snug fit around the natural lash, which in turn boosts retention! Plus, their split tips make them exceptionally soft, and as they're available in 0.10 to 0.25 thickness, they're a versatile choice.

Lash set using matt flat lashes

Easy Fanning Lashes: True to their name, these lashes effortlessly fan out when you grip them with your lash tweezers, significantly speeding up the application process. They feature a dual-layer on each strip, not just one, which springs open upon gripping, and can be adjusted for wider fans if you’d like. Additionally, the varied lengths on each strip result in a naturally wispy look, perfect for that coveted Kim K vibe!

Easy fan lashes

Premade Fans: We know what you’re thinking - and don’t worry, these are not cluster lashes! Back in the day, ‘premade fans’ were heavy, thick, and damaging as they had glue on the bases and were way to wide, which caused dreaded stickies. Forget these old notions! Believe us, we’re so glad that times have changed, and we have put a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that our premade lash fans are the BEST. Today's premade fans are light, non-damaging, and heat-bonded – meaning no excess glue and they are able to wrap around the natural lash as if handcrafted. They're also a time-saver, allowing for more client appointments without compromising on quality!

Lash extensions using premade lashes

Premade Spikes: For those looking to add a voluminous flair to their lash sets, premade spikes are the perfect addition. These are individual, pointed extensions that are designed to intersperse within a volume set, creating a striking, textured look that's become increasingly popular. Unlike traditional fans, these spikes are singular and stand out for their length and sharpness, Crafted from quality PBT material, and in variety of lengths and thicknesses, they blend seamlessly with other lashes - perfect for creating a standout spiky effect. From wispy lash looks to Manga, and the popular Kim K lashes - the world is your oyster! Discover how to use our premade spikes with our Guide to Premade Spikes, (psst, there might be FREE lash maps too). 

Wispy wet look lash extensions using premade spikes

We understand that the lash industry can sometimes seem like an endless wave of new terms, products, and trends, so we hope this guide has clarified the different types of eyelash extensions for you.

Here's to finding your personal favorites and perhaps inspiring you to explore new options!

With love,

London Lash x