Star Signs & Lash Styles

Can you pick your lash style based on your star sign? Sure! If you're not sure where to start, we're here to help with our handy little guide to lashing based on your star sign 🤩

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🔥 Fire signs are bold and daring - you’ll love a dense, full lash look full of eye-catching, head turning DRAMA! For extra spice, why not add a little sprinkling of coloured lashes? We’d recommend red, to show off your fiery side! 


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Photo credit @anastasia_lashexpert

It just so happens that we have a blog post all about working with coloured lashes, if you did want to add a splash of red - check it out here

🌿 If, like me, you’re an Earth sign, you like to relax and take it easy - you love a ‘sure thing’ rather than taking a bunch of risks. A nice, classic lash set would be perfect - low maintenance, gorgeous, always a winner (just like you!) 

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Photo Credit: Katarzyna Kotlarz, LLP Trainer


For a little refresher on picking the best lashes for any Classic set, check out our guide to Classic Lashes, here!

💦 Water signs can barely be contained - whether it’s overflowing creativity or just being super proactive with helping others, you’re certainly no stranger to being super duper active! Go for a nice, light volume set to keep your lashes looking fuller for longer, without taking up too much of your time - 2D or 3D will be gorgeous on you, darling! 


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Photo Credit: LLP Trainer Nives Špehar

💨 Air signs are curious by nature, so might do well picking a bit more of an eye-catching style - opt for mega-volume to get heads turning and people talking - if anyone can handle it, it's you!

Opt for a bold look with an unusual curl (such as M curl for maximum impact) to really blow everyone away!

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Photo Credit: LLP Trainer Laura Rousell 


What do you think? Have you ever lashes based on someone's star sign? 

Lots of love, 

Laura x